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Co-founded Romulus Films


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Odessa File, The (1974) - People Burning Like Torches Jon Voight as reporter Miller, with his girlfriend (Mary Tamm) in Hamburg, 1963, visiting his German mother (Maria Schell, only 12 years Voight's senior) as he considers investigating leads left by a now-deceased Holocaust survivor, Hans Wyprächtiger his landlord, in Ronald Neame's The Odessa File, 1974.
Odessa File, The (1974) - An Old Man Gassed Himself Following a prologue of a plot to destroy Israel, and Hamburg, November 22, 1963 established in the credits, Jon Voight, narrating, appears as German reporter Miller, attention diverted by the Kennedy assassination, pursuing a maybe-routine event, in the espionage thriller The Odessa File, 1974, from the Frederick Forsyth novel.
Odessa File, The (1974) - They Can't Kill Us Off! Hamburg, 1963, Jon Voight as reporter Miller, early in his pursuit of a Nazi war criminal involved in a plot against Israel, is the uninvited guest at a reunion of a (real) Waffen SS unit, Georg Marischka, and Günter Meisner as General Greifer, among the celebrants, in The Odessa File, 1974.
Room At The Top (1959) - Erotic Vice Among The Working Class New-in-town Joe (Laurence Harvey) admits to aristocratic Susan (Heather Sears) that he's joined the local theater group mainly to pursue her, then gets in trouble working with Alice (Simone Signoret) in rehearsal, Anthony Newlands their director, in director Jack Clayton's Room At The Top, 1959.
Room At The Top (1959) - You Look About 18 Sometimes After his first night with the local theater group, ambitious Joe (Laurence Harvey) winds up at the pub in his English industrial town with Alice (Simone Signoret), a French-born part time actress, with philosophical chat about the upper-class girl he’s pursuing, in Room At The Top, 1959, from the John Braine novel.
Day Of The Jackal, The - One Englishman Rodin (Eric Porter), leader of the secret OAS conspiracy, introduces colleagues (Dennis Carey, Jean Martin), to his chosen English assassin (Edward Fox, title character), in The Day Of The Jackal, 1973, directed by Fred Zinnemann from Frederick Forsyth's novel.
Day Of The Jackal, The - Quanto Costa? Doing business at a Genoa street market, Edward Fox (title character) in a famous scene testing the rifle made for his attempt to kill the French president, with a special bullet, in The Day Of The Jackal, 1973, from Frederick Forsyth's novel.
Day Of The Jackal, The - Over What Range? Edward Fox (title character) in Genoa, Italy, visits a reclusive English gunsmith (Cyril Cusack), seeking the weapon for his attempt to kill French President de Gaulle, in Fred Zinnemann's The Day Of The Jackal, 1973.
Day Of The Jackal, The - Do Not Fail French police deputy commissioner Lebel (Michel Lonsdale) gets word that he's being called back into duty to catch an assassin hunting president de Gaulle, consulting with his boss (Timothy West) and assistant Caron (Derek Jacobi), in Fred Zinnemann's The Day Of The Jackal, 1973.


C M Woolf
James Woolf
Producer. Born in 1919; died in 1966; formed Romulus Films with brother.


Ann Saville
Married in 1955.