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Wildcat Bus (1940) -- (Movie Clip) Such A Lovely Beginning Ted (Fay Wray), who’s under-cover as a rider with an un-licensed car service that’s trying to put her family bus-line out of business, has discovered that broke ex-playboy Jerry (Charles Lang) is one of their drivers, making trouble then attracting the cops, in the RKO programmer Wildcat Bus, 1940.
Wildcat Bus (1940) -- (Movie Clip) The Magic Wand Has Waved Fay Wray is “Ted,” whose dad (Oscar O’Shea) is grappling with unexplained troubles for their bus line, and after reassuring him, she deals with broke playboy Jerry (Charles Lang) and his ex-chauffeur Donovan (Paul Guilfoyle), looking for work, not realizing she’s the boss, in Wildcat Bus, 1940.
Lady Scarface (1941) -- (Movie Clip) His Yappin' Days Are Over Businesslike opening, Huntley Gordon as a banker likely up to no good on the phone when the cleaning lady (Judith Anderson, title character) and her gang (Arthur Shields, Harry Burns, Horace MacMahon, Marc Lawrence) turn the tables, in the RKO programmer Lady Scarface, 1941.
Lady Scarface (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Kennels Ain't Fit For A Dog! Eric Blore is a dog fancier, unaware he's answering the coded want ad for a gang meet-up, as the hotel dick (Andrew Tombes) greets cop Mason (Dennis O'Keefe), who tangles with reporter Ann (Frances Neal), while the mastermind (Judith Anderson) spots the message, in Lady Scarface, 1941.
Cross Country Romance -- (Movie Clip) Father's A Dipsomaniac Just arriving at the trailer park, traveling professor Larry (Gene Raymond) persuades stowaway heiress Diane (Wendy Barrie) to admit she's somebody else, in RKO's low-rent screwball comedy Cross Country Romance, 1940.
Cross Country Romance -- (Movie Clip) Stop Drooling! Meet madcap heiress Diane (Wendy Barrie), from wedding dress into a slip, eligible professor Larry (Gene Raymond) dropping by on business, and mother-of-the-bride Hedda Hopper, opening Cross Country Romance, 1940.