Bretaigne Windust

Bretaigne Windust


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Film directing debut with "Winter Meeting, June Bride"


Movie Clip

June Bride (1948) - When I Didn't Hear From You For Three Years... Their personal history roughly sketched in, legit journalist Carey (Robert Montgomery) informs ex-flame Linda (Bette Davis) that he’s just been reassigned by their magazine-group editor to the profitable bridal publication she now runs, her first scene, in June Bride, 1948.
June Bride (1948) - I Think I'd Grab Him New York bridal magazine editor Linda (Bette Davis) now in Indiana with her June feature subject Jeanne (Barbara Bates), discussing the coverage of her upcoming ceremony, then joined by younger “Boo” (Betty Lynn), who may be the cleverer sister, in June Bride, 1948, also starring Robert Montgomery.
June Bride (1948) - Like Living In A Wallet Quippy reporter Carey (Robert Montgomery) arrived in New York, informed by magazine editor Towne (Jerome Cowan) that his Vienna posting is over, finds out he’s being pushed toward a more profitable wedding magazine, early in Warner Bros.’ June Bride, 1948, also starring Bette Davis.
Winter Meeting (1948) - The Crowds Of Underprivileged Exposition and character sketching for Bette Davis as uptown Manhattan poet-volunteer Susan, who’s brought her man-about-town friend Stacy (John Hoyt), whom we know was only pretending to be lost on the subway, to her apartment to recover, early in WInter Meeting, 1948.
Winter Meeting (1948) - Hundreds Of Intimate Friends Poet Susan (Bette Davis) is acting as the date for socialite friend Stacy (John Hoyt) who’s set up his sexy secretary Peggy (Janis Paige) with bored WWII naval hero Slick, James (Jim) Davis (later TV’s Jock Ewing), in his first scene in his widely-panned movie debut, Winter Meeting, 1948.
Winter Meeting (1948) - Us Yankee Spinsters The morning after younger Navy hero “Slick” Novak (James a.k.a. Jim Davis) chose her over the dishy secretary with whom he’d been set up, their physical contact having ended with a fade-to-black, somewhat repressed New York poet Susan (Bette Davis) greets him again, in WInter Meeting, 1948.
Pretty Baby (1950) - Chicken-Hearted Ad agency underling Patsy (Betsy Drake) on the subway using her fake infant to get a seat, attracts a fellow rider (Dorothy Vaughn) then, unknowingly, baby-food magnate Baxter (Edmund Gwenn), who has caused uproar at her office, in Pretty Baby, 1950.
Perfect Strangers (1950) - Swell Murder Case Lena (Thelma Ritter) is thrilled at being chosen for the jury, and Teresa (Ginger Rogers), questioned by a secretary (Ezelle Poule), loses her determination to get out of it, early in Perfect Strangers, 1950.
Pretty Baby (1950) - Guaranteed For Life Patsy (Betsy Drake) on her first assignment as fill-in secretary to ad agency boss Sam (Dennis Morgan), already panicked when his partner Barry (Zachary Scott) arrives with bad news, in Pretty Baby, 1950.
Perfect Strangers (1950) - Every Ninth Name Opening scenes of mid-20th century machinery of justice, a court official (Max Mellinger) shepherds early stages of jury selection, in Perfect Strangers, 1950, from a play by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht.