Ted Wilde


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Kid Brother, The (1927) -- (Movie Clip) Opening, Mary Opening title sequence, not featuring the star, from Harold Lloyd's 1927 masterpiece The Kid Brother, with Jobyna Ralston as "Mary," directed by Ted Wilde.
Speedy (1928) -- (Movie Clip) Coney Island Several mishaps already survived, and unaware that he's got a crab in his pocket, Speedy (Harold Lloyd) and Jane (Ann Christy) ride the spinning wheel and enjoy attractions at Coney Island in Speedy, 1928.
Speedy (1928) -- (Movie Clip) The Only Thing Speedy Required Much discussed, now appearing in his first scene, Yankees fan Speedy (Harold Lloyd) handles his soda-jerk job with skill as he keeps track of the score in Speedy, 1928.
Speedy (1928) -- (Movie Clip) Babe Ruth Thus far barely able to secure a fare in his new gig as a cabbie, Yankees fanatic Speedy (Harold Lloyd) is kind of staking out (the real!) Babe Ruth, and it works, on location in New York, in Speedy, 1928.
Loose Ankles (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Two Wallas An especially buoyant opening, original song by Jack Meskill and Pete Wendling, Loretta Young and Inez Courtney as insouciant cousins Ann and Betty, various relatives gathering for the reading of a will, Otis Harlan as "The Major" presiding, in the early talkie Loose Ankles, 1930.
Loose Ankles (1930) -- (Movie Clip) You Don't Mind Being Compromised? Timid Gil (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) has answered an ad from wealthy Ann (Loretta Young) for an "unscrupulous" man, as she tries to stop her too-rich family from getting another inheritance by causing a public scandal, her maid (Daphne Pollard) helping, in Loose Ankles, 1930.
Why Worry? (1923) -- (Movie Clip) I Have A Great Doctor! Established as a famous affluent hypochondriac, Harold (Lloyd) in his first scene boards the liner for South America with his butler (Wallace Howe) and devoted nurse (Jobyna Ralston, in her first of many roles as his love interest), who sets his heart aflutter, in Why Worry?, 1923.
Why Worry? (1923) -- (Movie Clip) Prisoners To Be Shot In South American "Paradiso," oblivious to the revolt being staged by crooked Yankee mercenaries, idle-rich hypochondriac Harold (Lloyd) complains to the ringleader (Jim Mason) about his hotel, local giant Colosso (John Aasen) also introduced, early in Why Worry?, 1923.
Why Worry? (1923) -- (Movie Clip) I Need More Ballast Recuperating in a South American republic, still not aware of the revolt around him, hypochondriac Harold (Lloyd), befriended by the benevolent giant Colosso (John Aasen), is determined to help his new pal with his toothache, in Lloyd's last film for Hal Roach, Why Worry?, 1923.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) My Vampire For sure vamping it up, Harold Lloyd ("The Poor Boy") and an apprentice tailor by day, at work on his unfounded manual on romance, imagining the vampire (Nola Dolberg), the first of several, early in Girl Shy, 1924.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Trade You Cars "The Poor Boy" Harold (Lloyd), suddenly wealthy and determined to stop "The Rich Girl" (Jobyna Ralston) from marrying a bigamist, in a portion of his famous chase, with Charles Chaplin's cameo as a wedding guest, in Girl Shy,1924.
Girl Shy (1924) -- (Movie Clip) You've Had Love Affairs? A small-town apprentice tailor, "The Poor Boy" Harold (Lloyd) has just met "The Rich Girl" (Jobyna Ralston) on the train, en route to get a publisher for his how-to book on romance, and helping smuggle her dog, in Girl Shy, 1924.