Richard Whorf

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Richard Whorf


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Film acting debut in "Midnight"


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Film directing debut with "Blonde Fever"


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It Happened In Brooklyn (1947) - Johann Sebastian Bach De-mobbed Danny (Frank Sinatra) gets a lift from schoolteacher Anne (Kathryn Grayson), acting on orders from a street cop, then to her classroom for her first vocal, a lyric from the credited songwriters (presumably Sammy Cahn, maybe Jule Styne) to a famous Bach miniature composition, Invention No. 1, in It Happened In Brooklyn, 1947.
It Happened In Brooklyn (1947) - Whose Baby Are You? Frank Sinatra is depressed soldier Danny, about to ship home from England, exhorted by a brassy Army nurse (Gloria Grahame) to join the party, and meeting English Jamie (Peter Lawford, his future Rat Pack pal, for their first movie scene together) for a Sammy Cahn-Jule Styne tune, early in It Happened In Brooklyn, 1947.
Burning Hills, The (1956) - You Dirty Gringos! Vengeful Trace (Tab Hunter) is observing a gang led by nasty ranch hand Mort (Earl Holliman) but plays it cool as they harass Chicana Maria Cristina (Natalie Wood) outside the bar, in The Burning Hills, 1956.
Burning Hills, The (1956) - Don't Let Him Go Soft! Rancher Sutton (Ray Teal) has been shot and chews out son Jack (Skip Homeler) and crew (Claude Akins, Earl Holliman, Tyler MacDuff) on local politics, in The Burning Hills, 1956.
Blues In The Night (1941) - Hang On To Your Lids! Travel montage to jazz band in a freight car, Priscilla Lane (as "Character"), Elia Kazan (the future famous director) on clarinet, Jack Carson on trumpet, Richard Whorf (also later a prominent director) on guitar, with Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer's "Hang On To Your Lids," from Blues In The Night, 1941.
Blues In The Night (1941) - Here's Your Butt Opening scene from Anatole Litvak's nutty Blues In The Night, 1941, with future major directors Elia Kazan (as "Nickie") and Richard Whorf (as "Jigger") and Bowery Boy Billy Halop (as "Peppi").
Blues In The Night (1941) - The Dream's On Me Priscilla Lane (as "Character") performing the Harold Arlen-Johnny Mercer standard "The Dream's On Me" leading into drama featuring Richard Whorf, Howard Da Silva and Wallace Ford, in Blues In The Night, 1941.
Blues In The Night (1941) - Jimmie Lunceford Jigger (Richard Whorf) and the gang exhort Leo (Jack Carson) to show off his chops in a dinner club being blown down by the real Jimmie Lunceford and his band in Anatole Litvak's Blues In The Night, 1941.
It Happened In Brooklyn (1947) - I'm From Brooklyn MGM producer Jack Cummings has situated the story "Somewhere In England," where convalescing soldier Danny (Frank Sinatra) is waxing nostalgic about Brooklyn when an army nurse (Gloria Grahame) calls him on his odd behavior, in It Happened In Brooklyn, 1947, also starring Jimmy Durante
It Happened In Brooklyn (1947) - The Brooklyn Bridge Giving the bobby-soxers their money's worth, newly discharged soldier Danny (Frank Sinatra) arrives home and expresses himself toward his beloved inanimate object, with Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne's "The Brooklyn Bridge" shot on the very spot, in MGM's It Happened In Brooklyn, 1947.
It Happened In Brooklyn (1947) - From The Heart Wise old high school janitor Nick (Jimmy Durante) exhorts Army vet Danny (Frank Sinatra) into a spirited performance of Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne's "The Song's Gotta Come from the Heart" in It Happened in Brooklyn, 1947.
Till The Clouds Roll By (1946) - Ol' Man River tillthecloudsrollby_olmanriversinatra_FC