Charles West




Cast (Feature Film)

Dream Lover (1986)
Man At Hilton Hotel
Citizen Kane (1941)
Stage manager
The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
Don't Tell the Wife (1937)
Joe Hoskins
The Bride Comes Home (1936)
Good Dame (1934)
Man Trailer (1934)
The Mighty Barnum (1934)
Hotel porter
Police Car 17 (1933)
Law of the West (1932)
Along Came Youth (1930)
For the Defense (1930)
Handcuffed (1929)
Acquitted (1929)
Man from Headquarters (1928)
No. 1
Nobody's Widow (1927)
On the Stroke of Twelve (1927)
Charles Wright
The King of Kings (1927)
The Skyrocket (1926)
Edward Kimm
The House Without a Key (1926)
The Talker (1925)
The Overland Limited (1925)
Bitterroot Jackson
The Road to Yesterday (1925)
Watt Earnshaw
The Fate of a Flirt (1925)
Eddie Graham
The Part Time Wife (1925)
Allen Keane
Held To Answer (1923)
"Spider" Welch
Red Lights (1923)
The conductor
The Eternal Three (1923)
Times Have Changed (1923)
Al Keeley
Love in the Dark (1922)
Jimmy Watson
The Lane That Had No Turning (1922)
Manslaughter (1922)
Bob Hampton of Placer (1921)
Major Brant
The Witching Hour (1921)
Tom Denning
Not Guilty (1921)
Herbert Welch
Go and Get It (1920)
"Slim" Hogan
Polly of the Storm Country (1920)
Oscar Bennett
The River's End (1920)
Peter Kirkstone
A Thousand to One (1920)
Jimmy Munroe
The Phantom Melody (1920)
Gregory Baldi
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath (1920)
Jeffery Haywood
A Very Good Young Man (1919)
His Divorced Wife (1919)
Rufus Couch
The Woman Michael Married (1919)
Harvey Kirkland
The White Man's Law (1918)
The derelict
The Flash of Fate (1918)
Philadelphia Johnson
The Source (1918)
Paul Holmquist
Revenge (1918)
Donald Jaffray
The Girl Who Came Back (1918)
Ralph Burton, his son
Wife or Country (1918)
Jack Holiday
The Ghost Flower (1918)
La Farge
Shackled (1918)
Walter Cosgrove
The Mystery Girl (1918)
Chester Naismith
Betty to the Rescue (1917)
James Fleming
The Little Pirate (1917)
George Drake
Society's Driftwood (1917)
Tison Grant
Little Miss Optimist (1917)
Ben Carden
The Trouble Buster (1917)
Tip Morgan
The American Consul (1917)
Pedro Gonzales
Martha's Vindication (1916)
William Burton
The Heart of Nora Flynn (1916)
Jack Murray
Let Katie Do It (1916)
Caleb Adams
The Dream Girl (1916)
"English" Hal
A Gutter Magdalene (1916)
Jack Morgan
The Wood Nymph (1916)
William Jones
Divor├žons (1915)
Dope fiend
The Gambler of the West (1915)
Dan Reardon
One Is Business, the Other Crime (1912)
In the Border States (1910)
A Salutary Lesson (1910)
A Midnight Cupid (1910)
The Message of the Violin (1910)
A Flash of Light (1910)
The Twisted Trail (1910)
Love Among the Roses (1910)
In Old California (1910)
The Thread of Destiny (1910)
The Last Deal (1910)
A Romance of the Western Hills (1910)
As It Is in Life (1910)
The Golden Supper (1910)
A Child's Impulse (1910)
In the Season of Buds (1910)
The Converts (1910)
The Recreation of an Heiress (1910)
As the Bells Rang Out! (1910)
Her Father's Pride (1910)
Thou Shalt Not (1910)
The House with Closed Shutters (1910)
The Impalement (1910)
In Life's Cycle (1910)
The Newlyweds (1910)
The Unchanging Sea (1910)
The Two Brothers (1910)
A Child of the Ghetto (1910)
The Oath and the Man (1910)
Sunshine Sue (1910)

Producer (Feature Film)

A Woman Like That (1997)
Executive Producer

Film Production - Main (Feature Film)

The Cat (1966)

Cast (Short)

Manicure Lady (1911)
Ramona (1910)
Waiter No. 5 (1910)

Life Events