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Daughter Of Shanghai (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Say A Prayer For Me On the evening of the murder of her merchant father by human-smugglers in San Francisco, Anna May Wong as Lan Ying (title character) is supported by Chinese-American G-Man Lee (Philip Ahn), discussing the family friend who introduced them, and consoling a servant, in Daughter Of Shanghai, 1937.
Daughter Of Shanghai (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Foreign Horde Floods U.S. Splashy aerial action to start, bracketed with blaring headlines as Feds in a bi-plane intercept John Patterson (as pilot Lang) and Anthony Quinn (age 22, as sidekick Morgan) smuggling Chinese persons into San Francisco, in the Paramount programmer and Anna May Wong vehicle, Daughter Of Shanghai, 1937.
Daughter Of Shanghai (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Let's Have A Look At You Deft enough work by Robert Florey directing for Paramount, as Anna May Wong (as Lan Ying, title character) has made her way to Central America hunting the head of the human-smuggling ring that killed her father back in San Francisco, inveigling Charles Bickford as the proprietor Hartman, Gino Corrado his interpreter, Evelyn Brent his dance wrangler, in Daughter Of Shanghai, 1937.
Daughter Of Shanghai (1937) -- (Movie Clip) If We Must Be Prosaic In San Francisco’s Chinatown we meet Cecil Cunningham as Mrs. Hunt, patron of merchant Quan Lin (Ching Wah Lee) and daughter Lan Ying (top-billed Anna May Wong), J . Carrol Naish and Buster Crabbe the intruding slave-racketeers, and Ernest Whitman the muscle Sam, in Daughter Of Shanghai, 1937.
Sylvia Scarlett -- (Movie Clip) A Jolly Girl! Sylvia (Katharine Hepburn) visits handsome artist Michael Fane (Brian Aherne), revealing that she isn't Sylvester, and isn't quite adjusted to girlhood in Sylvia Scarlett, 1936.
Sylvia Scarlett -- (Movie Clip) Ain't No Tent! Sylvia (Katharine Hepburn) posing as Sylvester, rejects the advances of her father's new bride Lily (Natalie Paley) then frets about bunking with Jimmy (Cary Grant) in Sylvia Scarlett, 1936.
Mystery Of Edwin Drood (1935) -- (Movie Clip) May She Always Be Cherished New tensions, brother and sister Neville and Helena (Douglass Montgomery, Valerie Hobson), in from Ceylon, meeting among others Rosa (Heather Angel), her betrothed Edwin (David Manners) and his uncle Jasper (Claude Rains), in the 1935 production of Charles Dickens' Mystery Of Edwin Drood.
Mystery Of Edwin Drood (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Quite Celestial His own troubles well established, choirmaster Jasper (Claude Rains) receives nephew Edwin (David Manners), who's about to marry his favorite pupil Rosa, in Universal's Mystery Of Edwin Drood, 1935, from the Dickens novel.
Mystery Of Edwin Drood (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Their Dreams Is Too Pleasant Advanced editing in the opening scene, Jasper (Claude Rains), incognito, dreams of Rosa (Heather Angel) and Edwin (David Manners), in a London opium den, the proprietor (Zeffie Tilbury) not happy, in Universal's production from the Charles Dickens novel, Mystery Of Edwin Drood, 1935.