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Horse Soldiers, The (1959) - Quite Enough of Both Southerner Hannah Hunter (Constance Towers) entertains Union officers Marlowe (John Wayne), Secord (Willis Bouchey), Gray (William Leslie) and Kendall (William Holden) in John Ford's The Horse Soldiers, 1959.
Shock Corridor (1963) - Formal Complaint Aiming to go under-cover in the mental hospital, reporter Johnny (Peter Breck), with girlfriend Cathy (Constance Towers) posing as his sister, works to trick Dr. Menkin (Paul Dubov) into committing him, in writer-director (and ex-newsman) Sam Fuller's Shock Corridor, 1963.
Shock Corridor (1963) - Riding The Crazy Horse Opening scene from writer-director Sam Fuller, Johnny (Peter Breck) interrogated by Dr. Fong (Philip Ahn), with Swanee (William Zuckert) and Cathy (Constance Towers), plotting high-risk investigative reporting, in Shock Corridor, 1963.
Sergeant Rutledge (1960) - White Women Only Spell Trouble With John Ford's dimmed-lighting-during-testimony device, Mary (Constance Towers) recounting her evening with accused Woody Strode (title character), Cantrell (Jeffrey Hunter) examining, in Sergeant Rutledge, 1960.
Horse Soldiers, The (1959) - Schoolboys Marlowe (John Wayne) and Kendall (William Holden) are settling a personal score when their raiding unit comes under attack by the kids from the local military school in John Ford's The Horse Soldiers, 1959.
Horse Soldiers, The (1959) - Sense of Justice Showcase for Confederate deserters (Denver Pyle and Strother Martin) whom Colonel Marlowe (John Wayne) uses and abuses, impressing Miss Hannah (Constance Towers) and Kendall (William Holden) in John Ford's The Horse Soldiers, 1959.
Naked Kiss, The (1964) - You Parasite! The famous opening which feels like something the writer-director-producer Sam Fuller just really wanted to do, Constance Towers (as "Kelly") beats her subjective-camera pimp into submission, losing her wig in the process, in The Naked Kiss, 1964.
Naked Kiss, The (1964) - Loaded With Stuff Prominent small-city playboy Grant (Michael Dante) is entertaining cop Griff (Anthony Eisley) and a stable of girlfriends when popular head-nurse Mac (Patsy Kelly) arrives with her fetching new employee, ex-hooker Kelly (Constance Towers), in Samuel Fuller's The Naked Kiss, 1964.
Naked Kiss, The (1964) - Angel Foam On the make cop Griff (Anthony Eisley) pursues ex-hooker turned sales-lady Kelly (Constance Towers), who's just arrived on the bus, to the local college campus and beyond, much double entendre from writer-director Sam Fuller, early in The Naked Kiss, 1964.


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