William H. Tooker




Cast (Feature Film)

Murder by Television (1935)
Diamond Jim (1935)
Man at bar
It's a Gift (1934)
Old man
A Woman of Experience (1931)
Soup to Nuts (1930)
Protection (1929)
Harry Lamson
Love in the Desert (1929)
Mr. Winslow
No Defense (1929)
Harper, Sr.
Bellamy Trial (1929)
Judge Carver
Good Morning, Judge (1928)
Romance of the Underworld (1928)
Asa Jenks
Sweet Sixteen (1928)
Patrick Perry
The Look Out Girl (1928)
Dr. Tucker
A Woman Against the World (1928)
Bride's father, Mortimer Crane
Virgin Lips (1928)
The Night Watch (1928)
Jake the Plumber (1927)
Mr. Levis
Birds of Prey (1927)
J. Hamilton Smith
Tell It to Sweeney (1927)
Old Man Sweeney
The Scarlet Letter (1927)
The governor
The Devil Dancer (1927)
2 Girls Wanted (1927)
William Moody
Ladies Must Dress (1927)
Mr. Ward, Sr.
The Devil Danger (1927)
The White Black Sheep (1926)
Colonel Kincairn
The Merry Cavalier (1926)
Dave Hemper
The Phantom Express (1925)
George Mott
Who's Cheating? (1924)
John Rogers
The Lone Wolf (1924)
The Average Woman (1924)
Colonel Crosby
The Purple Highway (1923)
Mr. Quail
The Net (1923)
Mr. Royce
The Woman in Chains (1923)
Governor Coudret
A Bride for a Knight (1923)
Jean's uncle
Sinner or Saint (1923)
Stephen Roberts
The Cradle Buster (1922)
"Blarney" Dixon
My Friend, The Devil (1922)
Dr. Brewster
Beyond the Rainbow (1922)
Dr. Ramsey71 Ware, HelenMrs. Gardener
Peacock Alley (1922)
Joseph Carleton
Proxies (1921)
Christopher Darley
The Power Within (1921)
Job Armstrong
Worlds Apart (1921)
Peter Lester
God's Country and the Law (1921)
Jacques Doré
Heliotrope (1920)
Governor Mercer
The Greatest Love (1920)
Mr. Manton
The Stealers (1920)
Rev. Robert Martin
The Valley of Night (1920)
Inspector Devaney
Woman's Man (1920)
C. Lambert Grey
The Vice of Fools (1920)
Stewart Rogers
A Child for Sale (1920)
William Harrison
Woman, Woman! (1919)
Roy Mackay
The Lost Battalion (1919)
The Woman the Germans Shot (1918)
General von Bissing
Men (1918)
George Fairbanks
Draft 258 (1917)
Amiel Van Bierman
The Devil's Playground (1917)
The Lawyer
Alias Mrs. Jessop (1917)
Michael Ford
The Bitter Truth (1917)
Judge Marcus
Light in Darkness (1917)
Sheriff Brad Milligan
Red, White and Blue Blood (1917)
Patrick Spaulding
Her Surrender (1916)
Theodore Cortlandt
The Fool's Revenge (1916)
A Modern Thelma (1916)
Thelma's father
Ambition (1916)
John Moore
Sunday (1915)
The Avalanche (1915)
John Grey
The Unbroken Road (1915)
William Dover
How Molly Malone Made Good (1915)
The Curious Conduct of Judge Legarde (1915)
Inspector Barton
A Modern Magdalen (1915)
Joe Mercer
The Greyhound (1914)
Louis "The Greyhound" Fellman
Northern Lights (1914)
Dr. Sherwood
Springtime (1914)
Val De Valette
The Banker's Daughter (1914)
Lawrence Westbrook
The Ordeal (1914)
The General
Dope (1914)
John Rogers
Captain Swift (1914)
Marshall, Seabrooks' butler

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