Robert Thoeren


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Rage In Heaven (1941) - Nobody Is Afraid Of Me First architect Ward (George Sanders) swoons over European war refugee Stella (Ingrid Bergman) on the English estate belonging to his friend and her employer, son Philip (Robert Montgomery) and mother (Lucile Watson), who confer about them, though he’s a bit weird, early in MGM’s Rage In Heaven 1941.
Rage In Heaven (1941) - The Moon Made Me Sentimental Idle rich Englishman Philip (Robert Montgomery), who can’t be bothered to run the family steel-works, exhibits more odd yet romantic behavior toward Stella (Ingrid Bergman), his mother’s war refugee assistant, obsessing about his friend Ward, and confirming he’s sometimes impersonated him, in Rage In Heaven 1941.
Mrs. Parkington (1944) - I Own A Mountain Her first flashback, Greer Garson as the then-unmarried, brunette title character Susie, Walter Pidgeon as Parkington, wealthy New York mine-owner, arriving at the Nevada boarding house of her mother (Mary Servoss), confronted by a chippy miner (Charles Cane), in MGM's Mrs. Parkington, 1944.
Mrs. Parkington (1944) - Great American Family Introducing Greer Garson, title character, with schmoozing son-in-law Amory (Edward Arnold), his wife (Helen Stillman), Alice (Florence Bates) and Madeleine (Lee Patrick) her daughters, Rod Cameron a new husband, grandson Dan Duryea, Byron Foulger a hired author, in Mrs. Parkington, 1944.
Mrs. Parkington (1944) - Not Just A Man Newlywed working class Nevada girl Susie (Greer Garson, title character), her first morning at her husband's New York mansion, wakened by Baroness Aspasia (Agnes Moorehead) who, until that day, had been fiancee` to "The Major," graciously befriending her usurper, in Mrs. Parkington, 1944.
Prowler,The (1951) - A Little Delay Now just visiting, out of uniform, cop Garwood (Van Heflin) with Susan (Evelyn Keyes), her husband's show live on the radio, tension building fast, in director Joseph Losey's The Prowler, 1951.
Prowler,The (1951) - No Footprints Most unusual opening from director Joseph Losey, Evelyn Keyes (as "Susan") spied in the window, then meeting cops Crocker (John Maxwell) and creepier Garwood (Van Heflin), in The Prowler, 1951.