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Armored Car Robbery - Lobby Card
Here is a Lobby Card from RKO's Armored Car Robbery (1950). Lobby Cards were 11" x 14" posters that came in sets of 8. As the name implies, they were most often displayed in movie theater lobbies, to advertise current or coming attractions.


Movie Clip

Armored Car Robbery (1950) -- (Movie Clip) At The Ballpark Little noted at the time but much praised in retrospect, director Richard Fleischer opens with cops Cordell and Phillips (Charles McGraw, James Flavin) racing to the old L-A Wrigley Field, where they don't realize crook Purvus (William Talman) is timing them, in Amored Car Robbery, 1951.
Hitch-Hiker, The (1953) -- (Movie Clip) You Like To Shoot? The presence of the murderous hitcher Myers (William Talman) well-known to the audience but not to weekend-ing buddies Roy and Gilbert (Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy), as they meet along the California/Mexico border, assured direction by Ida Lupino, in The Hitch-Hiker, 1953.
Hitch-Hiker, The (1953) -- (Movie Clip) A Man And A Gun And A Car An audacious grab for attention, a series of increasingly grim events and the newspaper-photo introduction of William Talman who is, in fact, the bad guy, comprising director and co-writer Ida Lupino's opening to The Hitch-Hiker, 1953, also starring Edmond O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy.
Hitch-Hiker, The (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Rabbit For Dinner Killer hitcher Myers (William Talman) is getting help from hostages Collins (Edmond O'Brien) and Bowen (Frank Lovejoy) as he plans his escape along the Mexican border, when he gets an idea for a game, Ida Lupino directing, in The Hitch-Hiker, 1953.
City That Never Sleeps (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Take The Service Elevator Continuing the omniscient narration, by the “voice of the city,” (Chicago), we meet William Talman as thief Stewart, Ron Hagerthy his sidekick, Edward Arnold as lawyer Biddell, Marie Windsor his wife, Gig Young again as Johnny, whom we didn’t know was a cop, and Paula Raymond as the wife we know he’s thinking of leaving, early in City That Never Sleeps, 1953.
Armored Car Robbery (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Some Guys Might Go For Her In just the second scene, director Richard Fleischer getting full exploitation value from Adele Jergens as stripper Yvonne, with master thief Dave (William Talman) looking to take advantage of her discarded husband Benny (Douglas Fowley), in Armored Car Robbery, 1950.
Armored Car Robbery (1950) -- (Movie Clip) He Doesn't Mean The Whiskey Nervous Benny (Douglas Fowley) and out-of-town friend Dave (William Talman) pitch the heist to skeptical Los Angeles thugs Mapes (Steve Brodie) and Foster (Gene Evans), early in director Richard Fleischer's Armored Car Robbery, 1950.
Racket, The (1951) -- (Movie Clip) I Run A Precinct One Way His reputation praised in several preceding scenes, police captain McQuigg (Robert Mitchum) makes his entrance addressing his new squad, later conferring with Johnson (William Talman) and crooked investigator Turk (William Conrad), in The Racket, 1951, from the play by Bartlett Cormack.