Francis L. Sullivan

Francis L. Sullivan


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Night And The City (1950) - They're Hand-Dipped Hustler Harry (Richard Widmark) cruising London to the Silver Fox, where we meet his snarky employers Helen (Googie Withers), who's briefing new girls, and Phil (Francis L. Sullivan), early in Jules Dassin's celebrated Night And The City, 1950.
Drum, The (a.k.a. Drums) -- (1938) - Sick Of This Darn Beard An aide advises the governor (Francis L. Sullivan) about the under-cover work of British officer Carruthers (Roger Livesey) in the northwest of what is now Pakistan, whom we meet exchanging info in the field, in Alexander Korda’s film from the A.E.W. Mason novel, The Drum (a.k.a. Drums, 1938.
Great Expectations (1946) - Your Liberal Benefactor The now-mature "Pip," (John Mills) while at work with blacksmith Joe Gargery (Bernard Miles) gets a propitious visit from the lawyer Jaggers (Frances L. Sullivan) in David Lean's Great Expectations, 1946.
Great Expectations (1946) - She Would Coldly Tolerate Me Young Pip (Anthony Wager) with Biddy (Eileen Erskine), now a fixture in the household of blacksmith Joe, seeking counsel before visits to Miss Havisham (Martita Hunt) and her ward Estella (Jean Simmons), his apprenticeship approaching, John Mills narrating, in David Lean’s Great Expectations, 1946.
Mystery Of Edwin Drood (1935) - May She Always Be Cherished New tensions, brother and sister Neville and Helena (Douglass Montgomery, Valerie Hobson), in from Ceylon, meeting among others Rosa (Heather Angel), her betrothed Edwin (David Manners) and his uncle Jasper (Claude Rains), in the 1935 production of Charles Dickens' Mystery Of Edwin Drood.