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Mark, The (1961) -- That's The Blue Boy Still mysterious as Fuller (Stuart Whitman), having taken a room in an un-named English city, chats with landlady Mrs. Cartwright (Brenda De Banzie) and husband (Maurice Denham), some emphasis on a print of a famous painting, early in The Mark, 1961, co-starring Rod Steiger and Maria Schell.
Mark, The (1961) -- She Knows You've Been In Prison We've just learned from boss Clive (Donald Wolfit) that our protagonist Fuller (Stuart Whitman) has been in prison and was hired on his doctors' recommendation, his crime still not revealed, when executive assistant Mrs. Leighton (Maria Schell) is introduced, in The Mark, 1961.
Mark, The (1961) -- This Is Called Group Therapy We still don't know what crime Fuller (Stuart Whitman) committed, as he visits his Doc McNally (Rod Steiger), as a condition of his parole, having taken a new job in a new town, with a somewhat revealing flashback, in The Mark, 1961.
Night Fighters, The (1960) -- (Move Clip) The Poet Goes Forth 1941 Northern Ireland, locals Don (Dan O'Herlihy) and Sean (Richard Harris) observe as Nazi-trained IRA man Malone (Christopher Rhodes) arrives, later introducing friends Jimmy (Cyril Cusack) and Dermot (Robert Mitchum), and his girl Neeve (Anne Heywood), early in The Night Fighters, 1960.
Night Fighters, The (1960) -- (Move Clip) Hold You Flamin' Tongue! Dermot (Robert Mitchum), who's just joined the IRA during WWII, with pal Jimmy (Cyril Cusack), then home where a policeman (Geoffrey Golden) is visiting his family (Harry Brogan, Eileen Crowe, Marianne Benet, Niall MacGinnis), in The Night Fighters, 1960.


Anne Heywood
Actor. Appeared in "The Fox", produced by husband.