Sydney Boehm



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When Worlds Collide (1951) - Most Frightening Discovery Producer George Pal goes biblical with the opening, ubiquitous Paul Frees narration and Rudolph Maté directing, through a backdrop that looks like the Hale telescope at Mount Palomar, CA, described as an imaginary South African observatory, we meet Hayden Rorke (later known as Dr Bellows on TV’s I Dream Of Jeannie) as Bronson, with aides, describing grim findings, in When World’s Collide, 1951.
When Worlds Collide (1951) - The End Of The World Playboy international courier Randall (Richard Derr) headed to New York from South Africa, handcuffed to secret scientific data he knows little about, is pleased to be collected by fetching Joyce (Barbara Rush), daughter of his recipient, John Ridgely the customs chief, James Seay the hustling reporter, in producer George Pal’s When World’s Collide, 1951.
When Worlds Collide (1951) - The World Prays More momentous narration from Paul Frees, as world opinion has coalesced around predictions that planet Zyra, then a star, will overwhelm earth, Randall and Joyce (Richard Derr, Barbara Rush) in the control center with her scientist father (Larry Keating) and John Hoyt as the disabled unstable financier Stanton, the escape rocket ready, as producer George Pal lets loose the SFX, in When World’s Collide, 1951.
Big Heat, The (1953) - Pinch Hit For Your Boy? Cop Bannion (Glenn Ford) drops in on the polished gangster Lagana (Alexander Scourby) and his hunky aide George (Chris Alcaide) to deliver a warning in Fritz Lang's The Big Heat, 1953.
Big Heat, The (1953) - Your Pretty Face Famous scene in which rightly suspicious gangster Vince (Lee Marvin) freaks out and burns girlfriend Debbie (Gloria Grahame) with hot coffee, Howard Wendell as the panicked politician, Alexander Scourby the kingpin taking the call, in Fritz Lang's The Big Heat, 1953.
Big Heat, The (1953) - Jersey Mosquitoes After dinner and before their date, discourse between cop Dave Bannion (Glenn Ford) and spouse Katie (Jocelyn Brando, Marlon's older sister) so domestic you know something bad is coming, in Fritz Lang's film noir The Big Heat, 1953.
Big Heat, The (1953) - Just Impersonations First scene for usually blonde, and now Academy Award-winner (for The Bad And The Beautiful, 1953) Gloria Grahame, as gang-moll Debby, with thug boyfriend Vince (Lee Marvin), sidekick Larry (Adam Williams) and their boss Lagana (Alexander Scourby) in Fritz Lang's The Big Heat, 1953.
Side Street (1950) - You Got Nice Manners Now-desperate Joe (Farley Granger) is trying to get at a gangster through his boozy night-club singer ex-girlfriend Harriet (Jean Hagen), in Anthony Mann's Side Street, 1950.
Side Street (1950) - This Is New York Continuing narration from the opening credits by Paul Kelly, who plays a cop, introducing the hero Joe (Farley Granger), with famous camera work by Joseph Ruttenberg, from Anthony Mann's Side Street, 1950.
Side Street (1950) - That Money I Gave You... Joe (Farley Granger) sneaks into the Bellevue maternity ward to tell Ellen (Cathy O'Donnell) the bad news about the money he gave her, in Anthony Mann's Side Street, 1950.
Side Street (1950) - Here Comes Papa Gangster George (James Craig) and henchman Larry (Harry Bellaver) wait outside the hospital to chat with new father Joe (Farley Granger) about the money he stole, in Anthony Mann's Side Street, 1950.
Undercover Man, The - A Hundred Shots... IRS Agent Frank Warren (Glenn Ford) meets an informant in a movie theater, to arrange another meeting, in director Joseph H. Lewis' The Undercover Man< 1949.