Helen Simpson


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Movie Clip

Sabotage (1936) - You Made London Laugh On location at the London zoo aquarium, financially motivated amateur terrorist Verloc (Oscar Homolka), having staged a blackout the night before, meets mysterious paymaster Vladimir (Austin Trevor), with a famous effect by director Alfred Hitchcock, in Sabotage, 1936.
Murder! (1930) - About Three Doors Down Opening scenes, director Alfred Hitchcock in one of his earliest sound films, conveying the sense of not only an artist but also, perhaps, a comedian, at work, in Murder!, 1930, Diana Baring the apparent culprit.
Saraband For Dead Lovers - King Of The Wife Notorious Hanoverian Prince George-Louis (Peter Bull), who will become England's George I, is informed of arrangements for his 1682 marriage to Sophie Dorothea of Celle (Joan Greenwood), followed by a dramatically implied wedding night rape, in Ealing Studios' Saraband For Dead Lovers, 1948.
Saraband For Dead Lovers - I Have Some Influence Not seen, the heroine, Joan Greenwood narrates the arrival of Swedish count Konigsmark (Stewart Granger) in 17th century Hanover, losing at cards to the prince (Peter Bull), then falling into the clutches of powerful Countess Platen (Flora Robson), in the Basil Dearden/Michael Relph production Saraband For Dead Lovers, 1948.
Saraband For Dead Lovers - Dirt Of My Own Choosing Swedish Count Konigsmark (Stewart Granger) tangling with his cruel sponsor Countess Platen (Flora Robson) over his debt to the Hanoverian prince George-Louis (Peter Bull), whose tortured wife (Joan Greenwood) he soon meets, in Saraband For Dead Lovers, 1948.
Sabotage (1936) - Act Of God Director Alfred Hitchcock's crafty opening, Oscar Homolka's role not altogether clear, his wife (Sylvia Sidney) at the ticket box at the cinema, John Loder the snarky grocer next door, from Sabotage, 1936, loosely based on Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent.