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All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Maybe I Asked For It From the Carol Ryrie Brink novel and director Douglas Sirk, cracking opening all about Barbara Stanwyck, as Vaudeville performer Naomi Murdoch, narrating her back-story then sharing a letter with a colleague (Lela Bliss), in All I Desire, 1953, with Richard Carlson, Lyle Bettger and Lori Nelson.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) What A Dramatic Entrance Douglas Sirk directs Barbara Stanwyck as Vaudevillian Naomi, returning mostly unexpected to the family she left ten years earlier, who believe she’s a legit actress, Lori Nelson the daughter who sent for her, Marcia Henderson the elder, Billy Gray the son, Richard Carlson the surprised husband, in All I Desire,1953.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) Old Friends Like Us Riding with her daughter (Marcia Henderson) and beau (Richard Long), Barbara Stanwyck as Naomi, the Vaudeville actress just returned to the Wisconsin town she scandalized by leaving ten years earlier, is finally approached by Dutch (Lyle Bettger), her almost-lover from back then, in Douglas Sirk’s All I Desire,1953.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) You're Not Anna Held Yet Just after Barbara Stanwyck’s opening narration, director Douglas Sirk introduces parts of the Wisconsin family she abandoned, for the stage, ten years earlier, Marcia Henderson as daughter Joyce, Richard Long her escort, Lori Nelson as younger Lily, Lotte Stein the loyal maid, in Douglas Sirk’s All I Desire, 1953.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) How Do I Love Thee? Barbara Stanwyck as low-rent actress Naomi, maintaining the fiction she’s a big star for the family she’s just rejoined ten years after she ran away, is persuaded by daughter Lily (Lori Nelson), on the night of her own stage debut, to read Elizabeth Barrett Browning, nice moment for director Douglas Sirk, in All I Desire, 1953.
Magnificent Obsession (1954) -- (Movie Clip) The Toast I'd Give You Two We meet daughter Joyce (Barbara Rush) and Helen (Jane Wyman) the second wife of Dr. Phillips, at whose home and clinic we know there is an emergency and where we meet nurse Nancy (Agnes Moorehead) and Dr. Dodge (Richard H. Cutting), early in Douglas Sirk's Magnificent Obsession, 1954.
Magnificent Obsession (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Look Shocked Fuming playboy Bob (Rock Hudson) hospitalized with Dr. Dodge (Richard H. Cutting) and nurse Nancy (Agnes Moorehead), unaware that not only is the head doctor (Phillips) dead but, through his own reckless accident, he helped cause his demise, in Douglas Sirk's Magnificent Obsession, 1954.
Magnificent Obsession (1954) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Never Have To See Him Again Rich bachelor Bob (Rock Hudson), hurt in a speedboat wreck, has discharged himself from a small hospital and finds out that Joyce (Jane Wyman), who picks him up, is the wife of the chief doctor whose death, he further learns, he helped cause, in Douglas Sirk's Magnificent Obsession, 1954.
Magnificent Obsession (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Something Very Cheap Contrite Bob (Rock Hudson), who has learned of the altruistic lifestyle of a doctor whose death he partly caused, practices on Dan (Joe Mell), then is delighted to meet that doctor's widow Joyce (Jane Wyman), lunching at a country club in Douglas Sirk's melodrama Magnificent Obsession, 1954.