Julian Blaustein



Birth Place
New York City, New York, USA
May 30, 1913
June 20, 1995
Cause of Death


Chief of the story departments at Paramount and Selznick who graduated to producer status with Fox in the late 1940s. Responsible for films including "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) and Peter Hall's "Three Into Two Won't Go" (1969)....

Family & Companions

Florence Blaustein
Survived him.


Chief of the story departments at Paramount and Selznick who graduated to producer status with Fox in the late 1940s. Responsible for films including "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) and Peter Hall's "Three Into Two Won't Go" (1969).

Life Events


Entered industry as a reader for Universal Pictures


Became head of Universal's story department


First feature credit, from story, "For Love or Money"


Served in the Army Signal Corps photo center


Feature debut as producer, "Broken Arrow"


Appointed executive producer at 20th Century Fox


Left Fox to produce films independently


Final producer credit, "Three Into Two Won't Go"


Movie Clip

Broken Arrow (1950) - I Am Cochise Having spent a month learning Apache language and customs, and a big riding-in sequence from director Delmer Daves, Arizona scout Jeffords (James Stewart), having decided on his own to negotiate with Cochise (Jeff Chandler) to permit mail service, meets the imposing chief, in Broken Arrow, 1950.
Broken Arrow (1950) - Apaches Playin' Fair? In Tucson after an encounter with Apaches, Jeffords (James Stewart) turns down an offer from ambitious Col. Bernall (Raymond Bramley), and tangles with aggrieved rancher Slade (Will Geer), Arthur Hunnicutt, Joyce MacKenzie among the spectators, in Delmer Daves’ Broken Arrow, 1950.
Broken Arrow (1950) - White Painted Lady Received into the Arizona stronghold of Apache leader Cochise (Jeff Chandler), scout and former soldier Jeffords (James Stewart), seeking negotiations over mail service, observes tribal customs and meets young initiate Sonseeahray (Debra Paget), in Delmer Daves’ Broken Arrow, 1950.
Cowboy (1958) - I'm Sick Of Beef Glenn Ford as cattleman Reece blows into a Chicago hotel ca. 1872, Vaughn Taylor the manager, Jack Lemmon his clerk (Frank Harris, author of the underlying memoir), who’s in love with the daughter (Anna Kashfi) of the affluent Mexican rancher Vidal (Donald Randolph) on the way home, early in Delmer Daves’ Cowboy, 1958.
Cowboy (1958) - They're Mean, They're Treacherous And They're Stupid Jack Lemmon as Chicago hotel clerk Harris (playing the author of the memoir on which the film was based) aims to insinuate himself with big-time cattleman Reece (Glenn Ford), who’ll have no truck with romantics, though we know his real aim is to pursue his Mexican girlfriend, early in Delmer Daves’ Cowboy, 1958.
Cowboy (1958) - He Writes Poetry Director Delmer Daves now shooting at the San Ildefonso Pueblo near Santa Fe, as boss Reece (Glenn Ford), Paco (Victor Manuel Mendoza) and new man Frank (Jack Lemmon) arrive to see rancher Vidal (Donald Randolph), who’s pleased to make clear that he’s married off his daughter (Anna Kashfi) to a local blue-blood (Eugene Iglesias), in Cowboy, 1958.
Broken Arrow (1950) - This White Man Is My Friend James Stewart as scout and ex-soldier Jeffords narrates, having rescued an injured Arizona Apache teen (Robert Foster Dover), when badder guys, led by his father (J.W. Cody) and Goklia (Jay Silverheels, later “Geronimo”) turn up, early in Delmer Daves’ revisionist Western Broken Arrow, 1950.
Bell Book And Candle (1959) - Just An Old Bugaboo Shep (James Stewart) has kind-of dragged fianceè Merle (Janice Rule) to the Zodiac in Manhattan to meet new friends Gillian and aunt Queenie (Kim Novak, Elsa Lanchester), whom he does not know are witches, discovering a history, and brother Danny (Jack Lemmon) in the band, in Bell Book And Candle, 1959.
Bell Book And Candle (1959) - Aren't You Afraid Of Reprisals? Manhattan publisher Shep (James Stewart), quite unaware of his new friends’ proclivities, introduces his new author Redlitch (Ernie Kovacs), promoting his book on witchcraft, to Gillian (Kim Novak), Nicky (Jack Lemmon) and Queenie (Elsa Lanchester) Holroyd, in Bell Book And Candle, 1959.
Bell Book And Candle (1959) - I Think I'm Allergic To Your Cat Bridegroom-to-be Shep (James Stewart) looks already entranced, explaining about his impending marriage, but witch Gillian (Kim Novak) decides to cast her spell anyway, in a racy scene from Bell Book And Candle, 1959.
Desiree (1954) - You've Become A Temptress Joseph Bonaparte and wife (Cameron Mitchell, Elizabeth Sellars) bring her sister Jean Simmons (title character) to meet his brother Napoleon (Marlon Brando), her one-time fiance, and his wife Josephine (Merle Oberon), her former admirer Bernadotte (Michael Rennie) attending, in Desiree, 1954.
Desiree (1954) - Perhaps I'll Be Shot Napoleon Bonaparte (Marlon Brando) returns exonerated from a scandal within the French revolutionary army to Marseilles and sweetheart Jean Simmons (title character), whose brother and guardian (Richard Deacon) doesn't approve, in Desiree, 1954.


Day The Earth Stood Still, The (1951) -- (Original Trailer) Original theatrical trailer for hit 195 real-world cold-war science fiction thriller The Day The Earth Stood Still, from Twentieth Century-Fox, starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal.
Wreck of the Mary Deare, The -- (Original Trailer) The skipper of a sunken ship (Gary Cooper) stands trial for The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959). Co-starring Charlton Heston.
Khartoum - (Original Trailer) Charlton Heston stars as the British general Gordon sent to stop The Mahdi (Laurence Olivier) from taking Khartoum (1966).
Racers, The - (Textless Trailer) A man (Kirk Douglas) alienates everyone around him on his goal to become a world-famous race car driver in The Racers (1955).
Bell Book and Candle - (Original Trailer) Beautiful witch Kim Novak places a love spell on James Stewart in the comedy Bell Book And Candle (1959) also starring Jack Lemmon.
Desiree - (Original Trailer) A young woman (Jean Simmons) wins the heart of Napoleon (Marlon Brando), though the two can never be together in Desiree (1954).
Mister 880 - (Original Trailer) A beloved old man is secretly Mister 880, an amateurish counterfeiter in Mister 880 (1950) starring Burt Lancaster as the agent out to get him.
Two Loves - (British Trailer) Shirley MacLaine stars as an American teacher who struggles with her values while teaching natives in New Zealand in Two Loves (1961), released in England as Spinster.
Don't Bother To Knock - (Original Trailer) An airline pilot (Richard Widmark) gets involved with an unstable young beauty (Marilyn Monroe) in Don't Bother To Knock (1952).


John Blaustein
Survived him.
Laurie Megee
Survived him.


Florence Blaustein
Survived him.