Maxwell Setton


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Long Haul, The (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Right Back Among The Pigs At a trucker's (or lorry-driver's?) tavern near Glasgow, American Army vet Harry (Victor Mature), who wasn't supposed to get the load of contraband whiskey he's driving, is confronted by racketeer Joe Easy (Patrick Allen), not a friend, who means to intercept it, then his girlfriend (Diana Dors as Lynn) gets impatient, in The Long Haul, 1957, from writer-director Ken Hughes.
Long Haul, The (1957) -- (Movie Clip) I Should've Stayed In The Army Persuaded by his English wife to leave the military and stay in England, U.S. Army truck driver Harry (Victor Mature) has taken a job with her brother (George Mills), a Liverpool trucking (or lorry-ing?) kingpin, and on the first day meets colleague Casey (Liam Redmond), who's not altogether upright, Ken Hughes directing, in the English-made Columbia release The Long Haul, 1957, co-starring Diana Dors.
Golden Mask, The (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Expert On Punic Africa Aware of his reputation as a publicity-seeker and un-serious academic, American Chapman (Van Heflin) introduces himself to British archaeologist Burnet (Eric Portman), planning an expedition to North Africa, early in The Golden Mask, 1954.
Golden Mask, The (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Throw Me A Crowbar! American Chapman (Van Heflin), happy to get dirty in a Roman tomb in North Africa, assisted by cameraman Jacques (Jacques Farnod), then senior archaeologist Burnet (Eric Portman), his daughter Anne (Wanda Hendrix) worrying, in The Golden Mask, 1954.
I Was Monty's Double -- (Movie Clip) Very Special Visitor Tracking ex-flame Peggy (Maureen Connell) to a dance hall, intelligence officer Harvey (John Mills) sees an impersonator and gets an idea, in I Was Monty's Double, (a.k.a. Heaven, Hell Or Hoboken, 1958.