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Love Story (1970) -- (Movie Clip) It's A New World Location shooting in the Bronx to represent her Rhode Island hometown, Jenny (Ali McGraw) introduces her fiancè Oliver (Ryan O’Neal), of the famous and affluent Barrett family, to her baker father (whom she calls Phil, John Marley), who immediately thinks he can mend fences in his family, in Love Story, 1970, directed by Arthur Hiller.
Love Story (1970) -- (Movie Clip) I Think You're Scared Shooting around Harvard Yard in rain and snow, a favorite sequence from Erich Segal’s script, directed by Arthur Hiller, and a milestone in the relations between affluent Oliver (Ryan O’Neal) and working-class Jenny (Ali MacGraw) in Love Story, 1970, which became the sixth highest-grossing picture ever made.
Love Story (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Never Say Love If You Don't Mean It Following their first date (at his hockey game), Radcliffe gal Jenny (Ali MacGraw) with Harvard man Oliver (Ryan O’Neal) who returns to join his roommates (including Tommy Lee Jones, one of author Erich Segal’s models for Oliver’s character), then chatting outside Harvard Stadium, in Love Story, 1970.
Love Story (1970) -- (Movie Clip) What Is It Your People Are In? Driving his MG TC-Midget up to the doors of the Phipps Estate (Old Westbury, Long Island, NY) Oliver (Ryan O’Neal) guides his less-affluent de-facto fianceè Jenny, from Rhode Island and Radcliffe, through a first meeting with his parents, Ray Milland (appearing in a film without his hairpiece, for the first time) and Katharine Balfour, in Love Story, 1970.
R.P.M. (1970) -- (Movie Clip) Somewhat Groin-Oriented Student radicals occupying their university admin offices, Rossiter (Gary Lockwood), and Dempsey (Paul Winfield) await the report of "Paco" Perez (Anthony Quinn), their chosen interim president, on how their demands went over with the board, in Stanley Kramer's R.P.M., 1970.
R.P.M. (1970) -- (Movie Clip) He Likes Undergraduates Trustees (Don Keefer leading Alan Hewitt, Donald Moffat, John McLiam, Ramon Bieri) consider candidates striking students have proposed as president, notably professor "Paco" Perez (Anthony Quinn) whom we meet, disrobed, with girlfriend Rhoda (Ann-Margret), in Stanley Kramer's R.P.M., 1970.