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Queen Of Outer Space (1958) - We Have No Life Here Worrying that the queen of all-female Venus will proceed to execute them and attack earth, astronauts Patterson, Walker, Konrad and Cruze (Eric Fleming, Patrick Waltz, Paul Birch, Dave Willock) are pleased when their ally Talleah (Zsa Zsa Gabor), with friends (Lisa Davis, Barbara Darrow) offers an escape, in Queen Of Outer Space, 1958.
Queen Of Outer Space (1958) - Maximum Acceleration, Credits Joining a special effects sequence, said to have been borrowed from another Allied Artists color sci-fi feature, after opening on earth, our crew, Cruze and Turner, scientist Konrad and captain Patterson (Dave Willock, Patrick Waltz, Paul Birch and Eric Fleming) yield to the credits, then a crash, about 15 minutes into Queen Of Outer Space, 1958.
Queen Of Outer Space (1958) - You Heard What The Babe Said The Earth-based crew, with Cruze (Dave Willock) on watch, scientist Konrad, Turner and Patterson (Paul Birch, Patrick Waltz, Eric Fleming) snoozing, confident they’ve crash landed on Venus but thinking it’s unpopulated, are surprised when they’re surrounded by sexy, armed females, in Queen Of Outer Space, 1958, starring Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Queen Of Outer Space (1958) - Your Undeniable Charm Summoned by the masked queen of Venus, Ylana (Laurie Mitchell, title character), who plans to have his earth-based crew executed, and encouraged by his colleagues to try to seduce her into changing her mind, captain Patterson (Eric Fleming) finds the going rough, in Queen Of Outer Space, 1958, starring Zsa Zsa Gabor.
Queen Of Outer Space (1958) - Beautifuler And Beautifuler Captured by the ruler of all-female Venus, earth-based space crew Cruze, Turner, Konrad and Patterson (Dave Willock, Patrick Waltz, Paul Birch and Eric Fleming) are pleased when they’re visited by top-billed Zsa Zsa Gabor, as Talleah, a scientist type who takes a softer line than the masked queen, in Queen Of Outer Space, 1958.
Tickle Me (1965) - Put The Blame On Me Fitness-camp employees Pam (Jocelyn Lane) and Lonnie (Elvis Presley) searching an old Western saloon, imagining an old-time musical number, song by Kay Twomey, Fred Wise and Norman Blagman, Edward Faulkner and Jack Mullaney their pals appearing in the fantasy, in Tickle Me, 1965.
Tickle Me (1965) - Long Lonely Highway Opening on a Greyhound in the Mojave, Elvis Presley as cowboy Lonnie with a tune by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, from Tickle Me, 1965, co-starring Julie Adams and Jocelyn Lane, in Elvis’ only picture for Allied Artists, which rescued the the studio from financial straits.
Tickle Me (1965) - Such An Easy Question Schtick with Elvis as cowboy Lonnie working at a fitness ranch for women, making eyes with fellow staffer Jocelyn Lane, Jack Mullaney his pal, the song by Otis Blackwell and Scotty Moore, a #11 Billboard hit, but like all the songs, a previously-recorded cut, selected for the movie, Tickle Me, 1965.
Hypnotic Eye, The (1960) - Now Whos' Got A Fixation? Cop Dave (Joe Partridge) puzzles over a series of women having mysteriously mutilated themselves, conveniently finding department shrink pal Phil (Guy Prescott) just off the squad room, their chat leading to a clever-ish exchange about hypnotism, early in Allied Artists’ The Hypnotic Eye, 1960.
Hypnotic Eye, The (1960) - He Doesn't Use Stooges Marcia (Marcia Henderson) volunteers with hypnotist Desmond (Jacques Bergerac), after her friend, who did the same, became the latest victim in a series of self-mutilations being investigated by her cop boyfriend Dave (Joe Partridge) and psychiatrist colleague Phil (Guy Prescott), in The Hypnotic Eye, 1960.
Hypnotic Eye, The (1960) - You Will Be Lighter Than Air Cop Dave (Joe Partridge), who’s investigating a string of self-mutilations, and girlfriend Marcia (Marcia Henderson) watch while her pal Dodi (Merry Anders), coaxed into volunteering, has quite the experience with hypnotist Desmond (Jacques Bergerac), who is presumably not involved, in The Hypnotic Eye, 1960.