Louis Sarecky


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Movie Clip

Cimarron (1931) -- (Movie Clip) A New Empire! Back in Kansas after missing out in the Oklahoma land run, Yancey (Richard Dix) defies family and in-laws and announces he's headed back, wife Sabra (Irene Dunne) supporting, in Cimarron, 1931, from the Edna Ferber novel.
Kept Husbands (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Easy Things Aren't Much Good Dot (Dorothy Mackaill), daughter of steel magnate Parker (Robert McWade), swoons in the presence of Dick (Joel McCrea), her father's hero employee invited to the house for dinner, soon realizing he's also a football hero, his first scene in director Lloyd Bacon's Kept Husbands, 1931.
Kept Husbands (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Good Fortune For The Bride Young steel-worker Dick (Joel McCrea) informs mother (Mary Carr) that he's marrying the boss' daughter Dorothy (Dorothy Mackaill), all but his father (apparently un-credited), who also works at the mill, evidently not troubled, in Kept Husbands, 1931.
Kept Husbands (1931) -- (Movie Clip) My Pansy Is Dying! Newlyweds shopping in Paris, middle class Dick (Joel McCrea) and affluent Dot (Dorothy Mackaill) are alarmed when her snooty friend Lucille (Clara Kimball Young) lights into her less munificent husband Llewelyn (Freeman Wood), discussion following, in RKO's Kept Husbands, 1931.
Cimarron (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Land Run 47 cameras over 40 acres, possibly bigger than the real event, staged by action specialist B. Reaves Eason, Yancey Cravat (Richard Dix), Dixie Lee (Estelle Taylor) et al in the 1889 Oklahoma land run, opening RKO's Cimarron, 1931.