Erskine Sanford

Erskine Sanford


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Crack-Up (1946) - Got Hold Of A Bad Blend Opening sequence in which crazed Steele (Pat O'Brien) busts into the museum and tangles with a statue, a cop (Edward Gargan) and, indirectly, the chairman (Erskine Sanford), in Crack-Up, directed by Irving Reis.
Wife Takes A Flyer, The (1942) - Alien Legs Allyn Joslyn plays a comical Nazi in occupied Holland, whose girl-hunting brings him to the Woverman household, where he meets the butler (Erskine Sanford), and mother (Georgia Caine), and we meet leading man Franchot Tone, a downed British flyer, and finally leading lady Joan Bennett, early in MGM’s The Wife Takes A Flyer, 1942.
Wife Takes A Flyer, The (1942) - I Feel Like Gargantua The Nazi major (Allyn Joslyn) is taking over a Dutch household because he digs the soon-to-be-divorced daughter (Joan Bennett), while the butler (Erskine Sanford) is helping a fugitive Brit (Franchot Tone), who’s forced to improvise, Georgia Caine the clever mom, early in the MGM war-comedy The Wife Takes A Flyer, 1942.
Best Years Of Our Lives, The (1946) - I Just Dropped Bombs Just home from the war, decorated Air Force captain Fred (Dana Andrews) really isn't seeking his old job, but visiting his old boss (Erskine Sanford), and meeting the man (Howland Chamberlin) from the chain that bought him out, in William Wyler's The Best Years Of Our Lives, 1946.
Without Reservations - To Jack Benny Off the train in Chicago, "Kit" (Claudette Colbert) signs her book for Jack Benny, then chases down Rusty (John Wayne), whom she wants for the lead in the movie, and Dink (Don Defore), who still don't know she wrote the book, Erskine Sanford in the liquor store, in Without Reservations, 1946.