Milton Ross




Cast (Feature Film)

Street Corner (1948)
Tom Brennan
The Feathered Serpent (1948)
Beyond the Rockies (1926)
Tex Marcy
The White Desert (1925)
Dr. Carter
Heads Up (1925)
O. U. West (1925)
Cass Jones
The Dixie Handicap (1925)
Down by the Rio Grande (1924)
Call of the Mate (1924)
The Cowboy and the Flapper (1924)
Colonel Allison
The Breed of the Border (1924)
Dad Slocum
That Wild West (1924)
Man from God's Country (1924)
Don Manuel
The Virginian (1923)
Judge Henry
Salomy Jane (1923)
Steve Low
Alias Julius Caesar (1922)
Police sergeant
Gay and Devilish (1922)
Third detective
The Boss of Camp 4 (1922)
Andrew Paxton
Western Speed (1922)
Kansas Casey
The Girl From Rocky Point (1922)
Samuel Hayden
Fortune's Mask (1922)
General Pilar
The Killer (1921)
Buck Johnson
The Penalty (1920)
The Woman and the Puppet (1920)
Flame of the Desert (1919)
The End of the Game (1919)
Faro Editor
A Woman of Pleasure (1919)
Jim Dench
The Exquisite Thief (1919)
Detective Wood
The False Faces (1919)
Ralph Crane
Riddle Gawne (1918)
Reb Butler, the sheriff
A Nine O'Clock Town (1918)
The dame's partner
His Own Home Town (1918)
Justice Jameson
The Mating of Marcella (1918)
Pedro Escoba
"Flare-Up" Sal (1918)
Lige Higbee
The Tiger Man (1918)
Connor Moore
Time Locks and Diamonds (1917)
The Square Deal Man (1917)
Preaching Dan
Idolators (1917)
Oscar Brent
The Gun Fighter (1917)
"Cactus" Fuller
The Desert Man (1917)
Tacoma Jake
The Narrow Trail (1917)
"Admiral" Bates
Truthful Tulliver (1917)
"Deacon" Doyle
The Patriot (1916)
Denman Hammond
The Green Swamp (1916)
Detective Bryan

Life Events