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Robe, The (1953) - We The Nobles Of Rome Arresting narration from Richard Burton in his star-making role as fictional Roman tribune Gallio, tangling with a spurned (uncredited) girlfriend then meeting Christian slave Demetrius (Victor Mature), in Hollywood's first wide-screen feature, from 20th Century Fox, The Robe, 1953.
Robe, The (1953) - Your First Crucifixion? Joining Richard Boone as Pilate, the Roman governor of Palestine, washing his hands, with a last assignment for tribune Gallio (Richard Burton) who, with centurion Paulus (Jeff Morrow), heads for Golgotha, in Hollywood's first wide-screen feature, the 20th Century Fox hit The Robe, 1953.
Robe, The (1953) - He Was Made Ill At the Isle of Capri, Diana (Jean Simmons) ward to Roman emperor Tiberius (Ernest Thesiger), lobbies for tribune Gallio (Richard Burton), to whom she is secretly devoted, and who has returned traumatized from overseeing the execution of a Jewish carpenter in Palestine, in The Robe, 1953.
More The Merrier, The (1943) - Damn The Torpedoes Director George Stevens has established the wartime Washington D.C. housing crisis and the grumpy visiting Dingle (Charles Coburn) seeking a bed, who now usurps fellow citizens looking to share with Connie (Jean Arthur), early in The More The Merrier, 1943, co-starring Joel McCrea.
More The Merrier, The (1943) - Eight Girls To Every Fella Connie (Jean Arthur) catches her ride, having issued rules to her new roommate Dingle (Charles Coburn) who, for reasons not explained, invites Joe (Joel McCrea), answering her ad a day late, to move in, in George Steven’s wartime-Washington comedy The More The Merrier, 1943.
Demetrius And The Gladiators (1954) - To Die With Style Trainer Ernest Borgnine is briefing new recruits including captured Christian Demetrius (Victor Mature) when wobbly Claudius (Barry Jones) and his enthusiastic wife Messalina (Susan Hayward) arrive to review candidates for a fight before the emperor, in Demetrius And The Gladiators, 1954.
Demetrius And The Gladiators (1954) - They Want Him Spared Demetrius (Victor Mature) amd Glycon (William Marshall) are the last men standing in the fight for emperor Caligula (Barry Jones), his uncle Claudius (Jay Robinson) and his lusting wife Messalina (Susan Hayward) attending, in the sequel to The Robe, Demetrius And The Gladiators, 1954.
Demetrius And The Gladiators (1954) - Our Last Supper After an opening from The Robe, in which doomed Richard Burton and Jean Simmons hand off the garment worn by Jesus, Michael Rennie as Peter has custody, at their funeral, fellow mourner Victor Mature (title character) next in line, in the hit sequel Demetrius And The Gladiators, 1954.
One Man's Way (1964) - You're Some Preacher! Apocryphal event with some basis in fact, Norman Vincent Peale (Don Murray) was as a reporter in Detroit, ca. 1922, on the scene of a home explosion, Veronica Cartwright the child victim, Carol Ohmart the colleague with camera, in the bio-pic of the author/preacher, One Man’s Way, 1964.
One Man's Way (1964) - I Have No Sermon Theology grad arriving at his new church in Rhode Island, young Norman Vincent Peale (Don Murray) meets congregants (Hope Summers, Virginia Sale) then turns to his minister father (William Windom) to rescue his first sermon, in the bio-pic of the self-help pioneer, One Man’s Way, 1964.
One Man's Way (1964) - He Was Never The Same Again Don Murray as young Norman Vincent Peale has all the luck, seeking souls for his new church in Syracuse, working on the mechanic (Eddie Ryder) when up drives pretty co-ed Ruth (Diana Hyland), who will become Mrs. Peale, in the 1964 bio-pic of the minister-celebrity, One Man’s Way, 1964.
More The Merrier, The (1943) - No Strings Attached Connie (Jean Arthur), who is engaged to a guy named Pendergast, is beginning to regret having thrown roommate Joe Carter (Joel McCrea) out of her wartime Washington D.C. apartment, especially as he offers a parting gift, in George Stevens' The More The Merrier, 1943.


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