Frank P. Rosenberg


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Madigan (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Do I Have Any Clean Socks? Home to the suburbs midday after a bad overnight shift during which a gangster escaped with his gun, New York police detective Richard Widmark (title character) does what amounts to a portrait of his marriage with Inger Stevens, Don Siegel directing, in Madigan, 1968.
Madigan (1968) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Never Going In Again! Director Don Siegel’s opening at Park Ave. and East 98th, cops Richard Widmark (title character) and Harry Guardino climb steps to meet crook Benesch (Steve Ihnat), with squeeze Tonia Machinga, from a Richard Dougherty novel, screenplay by Henri Simoun and Abraham Polonsky, in Madigan, 1968.
Madigan (1968) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Meet Your Terms Introducing Henry Fonda as New York police commissioner Russell (title character of the original novel by journalist, playwright and polymath Richard Dougherty), then by voice and phone call James Whitmore as his deputy Kane, and Susan Clark, seems to not be his wife, in director Don Siegel’s Madigan, 1968.
Illegal (1955) -- (Movie Clip) One Shot Would Have Been Sufficient The credits ran over a murder, and though it wasn’t clear DeForest Kelley did it, he does wind up on trial, with top-billed Edward G. Robinson his able prosecutor, Nina Foch and Hugh Marlowe his attending staff, in Illegal, 1955, the third movie version of a story by Frank J. Collins.
Illegal (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Napoleon Of The Courtroom The morning after he failed to stop the execution of an innocent man whom he convicted, D-A Scott (Edward G. Robinson) is despondent, drinking, his assistant and close friend Ellen (Nina Foch) unable to shake his determination to leave his post, in Illegal, 1955.
Illegal (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Am I To Believe You Have Scruples? High-roller racketeer Garland (Albert Dekker) dismisses Hugh Marlowe, ex-assistant to the D-A turned defense lawyer Scott (Edward G. Robinson), summoned because he swindled $10,000 from an underling, Jayne Mansfield introduced, with paintings from Robinson’s own collection, in Illegal, 1955.