Maurice Ronet





Director (Feature Film)

Bartleby (1978)

Cast (Feature Film)

Surprise Party (1982)
Georges Levesque
La Balance (1982)
Sphinx (1981)
Yvon Julie Demargeau
Beau Pere (1981)
Bloodline (1979)
Emmenez-Moi au Ritz (1977)
Madame Claude (1977)
Mort d'un pourri (1977)
Nuit d'or (1976)
Nuit D'Or
Die Antwort Kennt Nur der Wind (1975)
La Messe doree (1974)
The Destructors (1974)
Le Cri Du Coeur (1974)
Don Juan (Or if Don Juan Were a Woman) (1973)
Les Galets, d'Etreta (1972)
La Chambre Rouge (1972)
Sans Sommation (1972)
Raphael, ou le Debauche (1971)
La Maison Sous les Arbres (1971)
Who's Got the Black Box? (1970)
The Swimming Pool (1970)
Un Peu, beaucoup, passionnement (1970)
La femme infidèle (1969)
Victor Pegala
Birds in Peru (1968)
The Champagne Murders (1968)
Paul Wagner
How Sweet It Is! (1968)
Philippe Maspere
The Immoral Moment (1967)
Enough Rope (1966)
Walter Saccard
Lost Command (1966)
Captain Boisfeuras
La Ligne de Demarcation (1966)
Circle of Love (1965)
Trois Chambres a Manhattan (1965)
The Fire Within (1964)
Alain Leroy
The Victors (1963)
French Lieutenant Cohn
Time Out for Love (1963)
Pleasures and Vices (1962)
Angel Face
The Devil Made a Woman (1962)
Purple Noon (1961)
Philippe Greenleaf
Elevator to the Gallows (1958)
Julien Tavernier
Carve Her Name With Pride (1958)
He Who Must Die (1957)
The Sorceress (1956)
House of Ricordi (1955)
Vincenzo Bellini
Lucrece Borgia (1953)
Rendez-vous de Juillet (1948)

Writer (Feature Film)

Bartleby (1978)
Writer (Dialogue)
Bartleby (1978)

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Movie Clip

Elevator To The Gallows (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Sneer At War Ex-paratrooper Julien (Maurice Ronet) has snuck out his office window, now makes his approach to his arms dealer boss Carala (Jean Wall), who's also the husband of his lover, with Miles Davis' score, in Louis Malle's Elevator To The Gallows, 1958.
Elevator To The Gallows (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Then We'll Be Free Director Louis Malle's famous close up of Jeanne Moreau (as "Florence") in the film that made her a star, on the phone with lover Julien (Maurice Ronet), Miles Davis' score creeping in, opening Elevator To The Gallows, 1958.
Champagne Murders, The (1967) -- (Movie Clip) I Haven't Had Enough Television Christine (Yvonne Furneaux) is finally making headway with playboy Paul (Maurice Ronet), who controls the name of her vineyard, which she's desperate to sell, trying also to use the influence of her husband Christopher (Anthony Perkins), who's also his best pal, in Claude Chabrol's The Champagne Murders, 1967.
Champagne Murders, The (1967) -- (Movie Clip) Why Should People Have To Answer Bells? Vineyard owner Christine (Yvonne Furneaux) gives a tour to her buyers (Henry Jones lawyering for George Skaff), who are concerned that she doesn’t own the name, Stephane Audran her assistant, Maurice Ronet the playboy friend who does own it, Anthony Perkins her quirky husband, in Claude Chabrol’s The Champagne Murders, 1967.
Purple Noon (1961) -- (Movie Clip) I Don't Care For Your Pal Easy to forget they're playing Americans, in Rome, Tom (Alain Delon) has been paid by the father of Philippe (Maurice Ronet) to bring him home, friend Freddy (Billy Kearns) having none of it, opening Rene Clement's treatment of the first Patricia Highsmith "Ripley" novel, Purple Noon, 1961.
Purple Noon (1961) -- (Movie Clip) Low Class Ambition With girlfriend Marge (Marie Laforet), Philippe (Maurice Ronet), whose father is paying Tom (Alain Delon) to bring him home to the states, launches on a yacht trip from Rome to Sicily, tensions emerging, in Rene Clement's Purple Noon, 1961, from a Patricia Highsmith novel.
How Sweet It Is (1968) -- (Movie Clip) In America We Just Shake Hands We meet French playboy-aristocrat Philippe (third-billed Maurice Ronet) and his snarky servant (Marcel Dalio), who are surprised when American mom Jenny (Debbie Reynolds) shows up, having been hoodwinked into thinking she’s rented his villa, in How Sweet It Is, 1970, also starring James Garner.
Lost Command (1966) -- (Movie Clip) Twenty Francs Worth! The matchbook is a detonator, as medical student/Algerian militant posing as a "tart from the Casbah" Aicha (Claudia Cardinale), is thrown about by French officers (Anthony Quinn, Maurice Ronet, Alain Delon) in Lost Command, 1966.