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Corvette Summer (1978) -- (Movie Clip) We Found Our Car! Delightful opening from producer, director and co-writers Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins, Mark Hamill known then only as “Luke Skywalker,” and company, with their auto-shop teacher (Eugene Roche), finding their project car at an LA junkyard, in Corvette Summer, 1978.
Corvette Summer (1978) -- (Movie Clip) Hasta La Vista Joining a friendly conversation between hero Kenny (Mark Hamill) and a low-rider (Isaac Ruiz Jr.), who’s offered a lift en route to Vegas to regain his stolen ride, then picked up by co-star Annie Potts, her first scene, as Vanessa, in Corvette Summer, 1978.
Corvette Summer (1978) -- (Movie Clip) This Is A Field Trip Unveiling the car rebuilt by the advanced auto shop class at fictional LA-area MacArthur High, taking it out to cruise on Van Nuys Blvd., Mark Hamill as Kenny, class genius, Eugene Roche their teacher, Albert Insinnia as Ricci, Danny Bonaduce as goofy “Kootz,” in Corvette Summer, 1978.
Sugarland Express, The (1974) -- (Movie Clip) I Come With The Bad News Earlier in the credits we watched Lou Jean (Goldie Hawn) arrive on the bus to the Texas prison pre-release center, braced by the (un-credited) desk man, then presenting the problem to her inmate husband Clovis (William Atherton), opening Steven Spielberg's fact-based debut feature, The Sugarland Express, 1974.
Sugarland Express, The (1974) -- (Movie Clip) I Never Shot A Man After a comical east Texas chase, it seems Lou Jean (Goldie Hawn) and husband Clovis (William Atherton), whom she's sprung from prison, have crashed their stolen car, their pursuer deputy Slide (Michael Sacks) trying to follow procedure, in Steven Spielberg's The Sugarland Express, 1974.
Sugarland Express, The (1974) -- (Movie Clip) We've Got A Bad Hombre Texas police captain Tanner (Ben Johnson) takes over the chase for ex-con Lou Jean (Goldie Hawn) and escapee husband Clovis (William Atherton), who've taken deputy Slide (Michael Sacks) hostage, aiming to get their son out of state custody, in Steven Spielberg's The Sugarland Express, 1974.
MacArthur (1977) -- (Movie Clip) A Commander's Place Admiral Nimitz (Addison Powell) is in the room but the only audience is President Roosevelt (Dan O'Herlihy), getting an earful and then some from Gregory Peck (title character) on why he has to re-take the biggest island in the Philippines, in MacArthur 1977.
MacArthur (1977) -- (Movie Clip) A General's General About to evacuate the Philippines, aide Huff (Nicolas Coster) tries to persuade his boss Gregory Peck (title character) to take a safer submarine, the general's wife Jean (Marj Dusay) joins him in refusing, in director Joseph Sargent's bio-pic MacArthur, 1977.
MacArthur (1977) -- (Movie Clip) Good News Can Wait Having evacuated the Philippines, Gregory Peck (title character) arrives in Melbourne, Australia, 1942, where aide Diller (Allan Miller) informs him a counter-attack is not in the cards, plus other news, in the bio-pic MacArthur, 1977.