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Stingaree (1934) - That's The Name Of A Fish Riding up to an Outback tavern, Richard Dix (whom we will learn is the outlaw title character) joins a conversation with a soused lawman (George Barraud) and visiting English composer Sir Julian (Conway Tearle), in RKO's Stingaree, 1934, also starring Irene Dunne and Mary Boland.
Stingaree (1934) - I Wasn't Supposed To Meet You Richard Dix (the bandit title character, in colonial Australia) cannily assumes the identity of a visiting English composer, pretty, talented but indentured Hilda (Irene Dunne) having presumed incorrectly, in RKO's Stingaree, 1934, restored by TCM.
Plainsman, The (1936) - Ain't Another Corpse Maker Like Him! Famous and relatively gritty scene from producer-director C.B. DeMille, Wild Bill Hickock (Gary Cooper) intervenes in a riverboat poker game in which his newly married and ingenuous friend Buffalo Bill Cody (James Ellison) is being had by a fancy gambler (Francis McDonald), in The Plainsman, 1936.
Plainsman, The (1936) - Has She Tamed You Yet? We haven’t learned the name yet of Gary Cooper, in St. Louis with a kid (George Ernest), whom he’s shown his watch-case photo of Jean Arthur, and told tales about Buffalo Bill (James Ellison), whom we soon learn is his pal, with his new wife (Helen Burgess), and we meet McCall (Porter Hall), C.B. DeMille at the helm, early in The Plainsman, 1936.
Plainsman, The (1936) - That's Just What I Told Custer Buffalo Bill Cody (James Ellison) and wife (Helen Burgess), who plan to open a hotel, in Kansas with new friend Calamity Jane (Jean Arthur) when her erstwhile boyfriend Wild Bill Hickock (Gary Cooper) appears, making a case on behalf of General Custer, and planning his own risky mission, in C.B. DeMille’s The Plainsman, 1936.
Plainsman, The (1936) - I Didn't Know You Could Read Director C.B. DeMille reveals that Calamity Jane (Jean Arthur) has a pretty spiky thing with boyfriend Wild Bill Hickock (Gary Cooper) as the riverboat carrying him, pal Buffalo Bill (James Ellison) and his new wife, along with gun-runner Lattimer (Charles Bickford), arrives Leavenworth, KS, in The Plainsman, 1936.
Plainsman, The (1936) - We Can't Sell Rifles To The Indians! Producer-director C.B. DeMille having his way with history, in Washington D.C., 1865, President Lincoln (Frank McGlynn) is off to the theater and unprincipled potentates, led by Granville Bates as Van Ellyn and Charles Bickford as Lattimer, make a grave mistake against the great man’s presumed will, opening The Plainsman, 1936.
Stingaree (1934) - Australia's All Right In 1874 Australia, Henry Stephenson is sheep baron Clarkson, chatting with lawman Radford (George Barraud) until the ebullient Mrs. Clarkson (Mary Boland) appears, followed by de facto servant Hilda (Irene Dunne), opening RKO's Stingaree, 1934, starring Richard Dix, restored by TCM.
Stingaree (1934) - Compassion For The Outlaw In colonial Australia, hostess Mrs. Clarkson (Mary Boland) is dominating visiting Sir Julian (Conway Tearle), her husband (Henry Stephenson), and proceedings in general until suave bandit Richard Dix (title character) intervenes, in RKO's Stingaree, 1934, also starring Irene Dunne.
Garden Of Allah, The (1936) - I Can Look After Myself Following a dust-up in an Algerian cafe, fugitive monk Antoine (Charles Boyer) makes up a name, when queried by Domini (Marlene Dietrich), the French traveler he rescued from the fray, meeting a street mystic (John Carradine) along the way, The Garden Of Allah, 1936.
Garden Of Allah, The (1936) - You May Find Yourself Staff and pupils (Helen Jerome Eddy, Marcia Mae Jones) at the convent are dazzled by beatifically framed Technicolor Marlene Dietrich as "Domini," greeted by Mother Superior (Lucile Watson), opening Richard Boleslawski's The Garden Of Allah, 1936, also starring Charles Boyer.
Garden Of Allah, The (1936) - Undoubtedly English From the monastery which Brother Antoine (Charles Boyer, introduced here) has inexplicably fled, joining Domini (Marlene Dietrich), a soul-seeking French tourist, attended by hustling Batouch (Joseph Schildkraut), crossing North Africa, in Richard Boleslawski's The Garden Of Allah, 1936.