Andrew Ray


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Gideon Of Scotland Yard (1959) -- (Movie Clip) That Ridiculous Moustache! After domestic episodes, with John Ford shooting on locations around London and at Elstree Studios for Columbia, hero and title character Jack Hawkins drops off his daughter (Anna Massey), grapples with a rookie copper (Andrew Ray) then is greeted by staff, Michael Trubshawe and Frank Lawton, early in Gideon Of Scotland Yard, 1959.
System, The (1964) -- (Movie Clip) Going Down On Holiday? English lads Andrew Ray and Jeremy Burnham hop a train to the coast, from which they’ve just come, to snag travelers for their schemes, notably Jane Merrow, ringleader Oliver Reed at the station, song by The Searchers, in Michael Winner’s The System, a.k.a. The Girl Getters, 1964.
System, The (1964) -- (Movie Clip) Most Holiday-Makers Are Grockles New man David (Hemmings) briefed by Oliver Reed (as Tinker) and mates, Andrew Ray, Jeremy Turnham, et al, about their beachfront schemes, shooting on location in Torquay, England, in the movie credited with popularizing the term “Grockle,” The System, a.k.a. The Girl Getters, 1964.
System, The (1964) -- (Movie Clip) She's In Love With A Teenage Idol At a coastal night club (shot in Torquay, England), Tinker (Oliver Reed), who has the photo concession, spies his target (Jane Merrow), tangles with an interloper (Derek Newark), and meets Lorna (Julia Foster), song by the Laurie Jay combo, in The System, a.k.a. The Girl Getters, 1964.
Prize of Gold, A -- (Movie Clip) Conrad When a kid named Conrad (Andrew Ray) steals his jeep, Sgt. Joe Lawrence meets Maria (Mai Zetterling) and Dr. Zachman (Karel Stepanek) who save orphans in post-war Berlin in A Prize of Gold, 1955.