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All the King's Men - Movie Posters
Here are a few original-release movie posters for Columbia Pictures' All the King's Men (1949), starring Broderick Crawford, John Ireland, and Mercedes McCambridge.


Movie Clip

Band Of Angels (1957) -- (Movie Clip) She's A Bargain At Five Thousand Former Kentucky society girl Amantha (Yvonne De Carlo), who learned her mother was a slave, immediately after her father died bankrupt, is being sold as a slave at a New Orleans auction when Hamish Bond (Clark Gable, his first scene) strides in with an offer, Larry Blake the auctioneer, Robert Carson the beaten bidder, in Band Of Angels, 1957, from a Robert Penn Warren novel.
Band Of Angels (1957) -- (Movie Clip) I've Got A Past Ex-slave trader Bond (Clark Gable) dispatches Canavan (Torin Thatcher) from his New Orleans home when a storm blows up, then confesses his past to recently-purchased mixed-race slave Amantha (Yvonne De Carlo), who only recently learned of her own background, in Band Of Angels, 1957.
Band Of Angels (1957) -- The Cry Of Freedom Sitting for the first time with her owner, New Orleans gentleman Hamish Bond (Clark Gable), who purchased her out of compassion upon hearing that she’d been raised white, then sold as a slave when her father died bankrupt, Amantha (Yvonne de Carlo) is not convinced of his good will, as she meets his educated slave attaché, Rau Ru (Sidney Poitier, his first scene), in Band Of Angels, 1957.
Band Of Angels (1957) -- Man's Only True Joy Following a scene years earlier in which she was sent to a Cincinnati boarding school from her widowed father’s Kentucky plantation, now-grown Amantha (Yvonne De Carlo) in a letter to slave Sukie (Zelda Cleaver) tells of Miss Idell (Andrea King), her father (William Forrest) and heart-throb Seth (Rex Reason), in Band Of Angels, 1957.
All The King's Men (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Afraid Of The Truth Big city reporter Jack (John Ireland) gets his first look at backwoods populist candidate Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford), getting muzzled by local authorities, young John Derek as his son, early in Robert Rossen's All The King's Men, 1950.
All The King's Men (1950) -- (Movie Clip) It's About A Hick! Broderick Crawford (as hung-over stooge candidate Willie Stark) winning his Academy Award, famous scene in which he throws off his masters, his handlers (Mercedes McCambridge, John Ireland) thrilled, in Robert Rossen's All The King's Men, 1950.
All The King's Men (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Find A Dummy Joining mid-montage, failed politician Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford) becomes a lawyer, disaster strikes at a school he warned about, and politicos led by Sadie (Mercedes McCambridge) hatch a scheme, in All The King's Men, 1950, from Robert Penn Warren's novel.
All The King's Men (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Soak The Fat Guys Gubernatorial candidate Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford), who doesn't know he's being played, with reporter/adviser Jack (John Ireland), then joined by savvy operative Sadie (Mercedes McCambridge), in Robert Rossen's All The King's Men, 1950, from Robert Penn Warren's novel.