Harry Von Meter




Cast (Feature Film)

One More River (1934)
Border Romance (1930)
Captain of rurales
The Hour of Reckoning (1927)
Kid Boots (1926)
Carmen's lawyer
The Flying Mail (1926)
Bart Sheldon
The Cloud Rider (1925)
Juan Lascelles
Triple Action (1925)
Eric Prang
The Texas Bearcat (1925)
John Crawford
The Great Diamond Mystery (1924)
Sagebrush Gospel (1924)
Linyard Lawton
The Breathless Moment (1924)
"Tricks" Kennedy
A Man's Man (1923)
Ricardo Ruey
Speed King (1923)
Rodolph D'Henri
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
Monsieur Neufchatel
Nobody's Bride (1923)
My Dad (1922)
The Factor
Putting It Over (1922)
Mark Durkham
Wildcat Jordan (1922)
Roger Gale
When Romance Rides (1922)
Bill Cordts
The Broadway Madonna (1922)
Dr. Kramer
The Heart of the North (1921)
De Brac
Life's Greatest Question (1921)
Julio Cumberland
The Beautiful Gambler (1921)
Lee Kirk
A Guilty Conscience (1921)
Vincent Chalmers
Reputation (1921)
Monty Edwards
The Lone Hand (1920)
Joe Rollins
The Cheater (1920)
Bill Tozer
The Unfortunate Sex (1920)
James Harrington
Dollar for Dollar (1920)
Victor Mordant
Under Crimson Skies (1920)
Vance Clayton
Dangerous Love (1920)
Gerald Lorimer
Alias Miss Dodd (1920)
Jerry Dodd
The Girl with No Regrets (1919)
Gerald Marbury
A Man's Fight (1919)
Diane of the Green Van (1919)
Baron Tregar
A Rogue's Romance (1919)
Leon Voliere
The Day She Paid (1919)
Leon Kessler
The Challenge of Chance (1919)
El Capitan
A Gun Fightin' Gentleman (1919)
Earl of Jollywell
His Birthright (1918)
Admiral Von Krug
A Man's Man (1918)
Ricardo Ruey
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918)
Capt. von Hancke
The Lure of Luxury (1918)
Philip Leswing
The Man of Bronze (1918)
Trovio Valdez
The Dream Lady (1918)
James Mattison
Broadway Love (1918)
Jack Chalvey
The Lion's Claws (1918)
Midnight Madness (1918)
Aaron Molitor
The Cabaret Girl (1918)
My Fighting Gentleman (1917)
Judge Pembroke
Princess Virtue (1917)
Count Oudoff
Captain Kiddo (1917)
Mr. Cross
Whose Wife? (1917)
Claude Varden
Beloved Rogues (1917)
True Nobility (1916)
Lord Devlin
The Undertow (1916)
John Morden
The Abandonment (1916)
Benson Heath
Lone Star (1916)
John Mattes
Dust (1916)
John D. Moore
April (1916)
Tim Fagan
Youth's Endearing Charm (1916)
John Disbrow
The White Rosette (1916)
Baron Edward/Pierpont Carewe
The Other Side of the Door (1916)
Dingley, the district attorney
The Love Hermit (1916)
James Bolton
Dulcie's Adventure (1916)
The Buzzard's Shadow (1915)
Unitah, the half-breed
The End of the Road (1915)

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