Elleston Trevor

Novelist, Screenwriter


Life Events


Published "The Quiller Memorandum" first of series


Published "The Flight of the Phoenix" which became a motion picture of the same title starring Jimmy Stewart


Finished his 18th novel (title not given) two days before his death; 10 titles were made into films


Movie Clip

Dunkirk (1958) -- (Movie Clip) There's A Flap On! Tight opening with newsreels and comic shorts establishing late March, 1940, in Belgium British forces including John Mills as Corporal Binns, with Robert Urquhart as witty Mike, and privates Meredith Edwards and Ray Jackson, speculating about the folks back home, in Dunkirk, 1958, from Ealing studios, also starring Richard Attenborough.
Dunkirk (1958) -- (Movie Clip) Be Like Dad -- Keep Mum! In London, March 1940, irritated with sketchy news from the Ministry Of Information, journalist Foreman (Bernard Lee) at his local, joined by his wife (Maxine Audley), tangling with machine shop owner Holden (Richard Attenborough), whom he considers a profiteer, a merchant seaman (Victor Maddern) joining in, early in Dunkirk, 1958.
Dunkirk (1958) -- (Movie Clip) You're Under Orders Now Now in Sheerness, Kent, having sailed their commandeered boats from London, journalist Foreman (Bernard Lee) realizes British forces in France are being routed, tells the naval officer (Michael Gwynn) he’s willing to sail across himself, inspiring young Frankie (Sean Barrett) and previously timid Holden (Richard Attenborough) to volunteer as well, in Dunkirk, 1958.
Flight Of The Phoenix, The (1965) -- (Movie Clip) Eat The Monkey Brit officer Harris (Peter Finch) organizes, pilot Towns (James Stewart) his ally, accountant Dan Duryea frets, Ernest Borgnine surrenders his radio, Hardy Kruger interferes, Richard Attenborough, Christian Marquand, George Kennedy, Ian Bannen in the mix, in The Flight Of The Phoenix, 1965.
Flight Of The Phoenix, The (1965) -- (Movie Clip) Send Up Some Smoke Stranded in the Libyan desert, survivors George Kennedy and Ian Bannen try to dissuade Alex Montoya from joining Harris (Peter Finch) to seek water, pilot Towns (James Stewart) and Moran (Richard Attenborough) seeing them off, in Robert Aldrich's The Flight Of The Phoenix, 1965.
80,000 Suspects -- (Movie Clip) This Isn't A Bust-up! Dr. Monks (Richard Johnson) arrives home determined to begin his holiday, despite a possible outbreak at the hospital and the reluctance of his ex-nurse wife Julie (Claire Bloom) in 80,000 Suspects, 1963.
80,000 Suspects -- (Movie Clip) Open, Holiday Stars Richard Johnson and Claire Bloom are introduced following opening credits and New Years' festivities at Bath Abbey in the opening of writer/director/producer Val Guest's 1963 medical thriller 80,000 Suspects.
80,000 Suspects -- (Movie Clip) Modern Surgery Nurse Julie (Claire Bloom) is on the emergency smallpox vaccine team when her doctor husband Steve (Richard Johnson) visits, in a scene shot on location in Bath, Somerset, U.K., in 80,000 Suspects, 1963.
80,000 Suspects -- (Movie Clip) I Think It's Smallpox Dr. Monks (Richard Johnson), dragged from a party, helps Preston (Michael Goodliffe) evaluate a patient (Vanda Godsell) in an ominous early scene from the British medical-thriller 80,000 Suspects, 1963.
80,000 Suspects -- (Movie Clip) Yours, For Instance? English doctor's wives Julie (Claire Bloom) and tipsy Ruth (Yolande Donlan) after a New Year's party, getting too candid for comfort in director Val Guest's 80,000 Suspects, 1963.


Jean-Pierre Elleston


Chaille Elleston