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Conflict (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Are Your Ears Burning? Leaving a party, Richard (Humphrey Bogart) driving, with wife Kathryn (Rose Hobart) and her sister Evelyn (Alexis Smith), whom he prefers, then director Curtis Bernhardt's take on losing consciousness, in Conflict, 1945.
Possessed (1947) -- (Movie Clip) We Fooled Her, Didn't We? Terrific twist from director Curtis Bernhardt, as Louise (Joan Crawford), the ex-nurse turned stepmother whom we know winds up in psychiatric care, has been in a jealous rage, when stepdaughter Carol (Geraldine Brooks), who has attracted interest from her true-love ex-boyfriend (Van Heflin) arrives, in Possessed, 1947.
Possessed (1947) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Used To Difficult Patients Still in flashback constructing the events leading to her breakdown, nurse Louise (Joan Crawford), just spurned by her love interest on her day off down by the lake, is waylaid by her affluent employer Graham (Raymond Massey), whose troubled wife she cares for, early in director Curtis Bernhardt’s Possessed, 1947.
Possessed (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Open, I Thought I'd Lost You Joining director Curtis Bernhardt’s intense opening, with some soundstage shots but also lots of downtown L-A and USC Medical Center, Joan Crawford as distraught nurse Louise has definite problems, in Possessed, 1947, also starring Van Heflin, from screenwriters Ranald MacDougal and Silvia Richards, and producer Jerry Wald.
Merry Widow, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Villa Count Danilo (Fernando Lamas), with his welcoming crew in lowly Marshovia caught unawares as the rich widow Radek (Lana Turner) arrives from America, Sujata his Gypsy partner, with Paul Francis Webster’s lyric to a tune (“Vilja”) from the original Franz Lehar operetta, staged by Jack Cole, produced by Joe Pasternak for MGM, in The Merry Widow, 1952.
Merry Widow, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Night Not quite able to see Lana Turner (title character, the visiting American widow Radek) in the dark, Count Danilo (Fernando Lamas), enlisted by his king to seduce her and her millions home to tiny Marshovia, offers the song from the Franz Lehar operetta, English lyric by Paul Francis Webster, in MGM’s The Merry Widow, 1952.
Merry Widow, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) You Were Lovely By Moonlight Count Danilo (Fernando Lamas), under royal orders to woo the visiting American widow Radek (Lana Turner) and her funds, fails to realize that Kitty (Una Merkel) is only her secretary, then is further undermined when she finds the note detailing his instructions, in The Merry Widow, 1952.
Merry Widow, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) What Charity Do You Represent? 1900, New York, diplomats from impoverished Marshovia (John Abbott, Dave Willock) have been turned away (by secretary Una Merkel) at the home of Crystal Radek (Lana Turner), new widow of the late emigrant industrialist, who arrives in time for their pitch, in MGM’s The Merry Widow, 1952.
Miss Sadie Thompson (1954) -- (Movie Clip) The Situation Has Landed Stuck in American Samoa, reformer Davidson and wife (Jose Ferrer, Peggy Converse) and the doctor MacPhails (Russell Collins, Frances Morris), can't help noticing the title character (Rita Hayworth) and servicemen (Aldo Ray et al), in Miss Sadie Thompson, 1954, from a Somerset Maugham story.
Miss Sadie Thompson (1954) -- (Movie Clip) The Heat Is On Wrapping a chat on values between "reformer" Davidson (Jose Ferrer), MacPhail (Russell Collins), and innkeeper Horn (Harry Bellaver), jumping to a gratuitous number (by Lester Lee and Allan Roberts, vocal by JoAnn Greer) by the title character (Rita Hayworth), in Miss Sadie Thompson, 1954.
Miss Sadie Thompson (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Refrigeration Unit Somerset Maugham's story updated to post-WWII American Samoa, marines Aldo Ray, Henry Slate and Charles Buchinsky (later Bronson) on their heels as director Curtis Bernhardt introduces Rita Hayworth, the title character, early in Miss Sadie Thompson, 1954.
High Wall (1947) -- (Movie Clip) You'll Escape Reality Brain trauma patient, war vet and dad Kenet (Robert Taylor), institutionalized for killing his wife and believing he's guilty, with guard Delaney (Ray Mayer) then doctor Ann Lorrison (Audrey Totter), complex tensions in director Curtis Bernhardt's High Wall, 1947.



Steven Bernhardt
Producer, screenwriter. Born in 1937; died on August 23, 1999.


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