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Reluctant Saint, The (1962) - In The Service Of God Cupertino, Apulia, Italy ca. 1620, Francesca (Lea Padovani) hopes to place her mentally challenged son (Maximillian Schell, title character), who’s just lost another job, in a monastery, represented by her brother Giovanni (Harold Goldblatt) and Fr. Raspi (Ricardo Montalban), in The Reluctant Saint, 1962.
Reluctant Saint, The (1962) - A True Son Of St. Francis Franciscan monastery chiefs Fr. Raspi and Giovanni (Ricardo Montalban, Harold Goldblatt) hope to impress the visiting vicar-general (Akim Tamiroff) and not expose their clumsy stable-hand Giuseppe (Maximillian Schell, title character), in Edward Dmytryk’s The Reluctant Saint, 1962.
Esther Waters (1948) - Sharp Ear For The Bells Maid Kathleen Ryan (title character) is already put out with her beau William (Dirk Bogarde), footman and aspiring horse trainer, who's just lost in a big race, when she discovers he's been dallying with the mistress, in Esther Waters, 1948, directed by Ian Dalrymple and production designer Peter Proud.
Esther Waters (1948) - They Look Very Thin Having begun with Kathleen Ryan (title character) on foot in the English countryside, she meets handsome William (Dirk Bogarde in his first starring role), a footman more interested in horse racing, in Esther Waters, 1948, from a book by the Irish writer George Moore.
Esther Waters (1948) - Derby Day Near the end of a story often about racing, a staging of Derby Day at Epsom, Surrey, England, Kathleen Ryan the title character, who has that day married long-time beau and bookie William (Dirk Bogarde), meeting a former fellow domestic servant (Margaret Diamond), in Esther Waters, 1948.