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Crossfire (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Used To Be A Spaghetti Restaurant Joining his flashback as he's testifying for the cops, murder suspect soldier Mitchell (George Cooper) is recounting his visit with somewhat soft-hearted taxi dancer Ginny (Gloria Grahame) in Edward Dmytryk's military mystery Crossfire, 1947.
Crossfire (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Murder Dark and dramatic opening to Edward Dmytryk's Crossfire, 1947, starring Robert Young, Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan and Gloria Grahame, from a novel by Richard Brooks.
Wild One, The (1954) -- (Movie Clip) Whadda Ya Got? Scene which maybe over-emphasizes the famous line in which Johnny (Marlon Brando) is asked what he and the Black Rebels are rebelling against, in The Wild One, 1954, Brando more interested in waitress Kathie (Mary Murphy).
Wild One, The (1954) -- (Movie Clip) This Is The Main Event Improbably articulate Chino (Lee Marvin) has led his rival bike gang into town and is itching for a fight with ex-pal Johnny (Marlon Brando), leader of the Black Rebels, in The Wild One, 1954.
Crack-Up (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Got Hold Of A Bad Blend Opening sequence in which crazed Steele (Pat O'Brien) busts into the museum and tangles with a statue, a cop (Edward Gargan) and, indirectly, the chairman (Erskine Sanford), in Crack-Up, directed by Irving Reis.
Crack-Up (1946) -- (Movie Clip) Nothing Wrong With Your Mind Returning home after apparently losing his mind at the museum, military vet and art critic Steele (Pat O'Brien) with girl-friend Terry (Claire Trevor) and new Brit pal Traybin (Herbert Marshall), in Crack-Up, 1946.
Cobweb, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) I Am Sometimes A Little Dictatorial Lively meeting of inmates at the pricey Midwestern psychiatric clinic, chaired by Holcomb (Edgar Stehli), bothered by Oscar Levant, Jan Arvan, Ruth Clifford and Jarma Lewis, Richard Widmark the doctor arriving, Lauren Bacall seems to be on staff, Susan Strasberg and John Kerr backing an initiative, early in Vincente Minnelli’s The Cobweb, 1955.
Cobweb, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Phobic Inmates dining at the Midwestern psychiatric hospital (noted at the time for its resemblance to the Menninger Clinic in Kansas), Stevie (John Kerr) celebrating because he’s been chosen for an art project, and previously stable Susie (Susan Strasberg) rattled by his suggestion, in Vincente Minnelli’s The Cobweb, 1955.
Cobweb, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Sprung Up Like A Toadstool! Gloria Grahame as Karen, lonely wife of one doctor at the psychiatric clinic, on the phone from a local concert with administrator Vicky (Lillian Gish) fighting about drapes, then sharing with her husband’s suave French senior colleague “Dev” (Charles Boyer), in Vincente Minnelli’s The Cobweb, 1955.
Crossfire (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Funnier Names Ending his flashback narration of his encounter with murder victim Samuels (Sam Levene) and Floyd (Steve Brodie), de-mobbed Sergeant Montgomery (Robert Ryan) is further interrogated by D.C. cop Finlay (Robert Young), fellow soldier Keeley (Robert Mitchum) mostly neutral, in Edward Dmytryk's byzantine Crossfire, 1947.
Crossfire (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Nobody Likes Cops Mary Mitchell (Jacqueline White) and Washington D.C. cop Finlay (Robert Young), trying to help her recently discharged soldier murder-suspect husband, visit taxi-dancer Ginny (Gloria Grahame), who should be able to give him an alibi, in Edward Dmytryk's Crossfire, 1947.
Crossfire (1947) -- (Movie Clip) I Must Have The Wrong Place In the opening we saw two guys, maybe military, leaving an apartment after a fight, so now we see the guy’s dead, Robert Young a Washington, D.C. cop, Jacqueline Price the gal who reported it, and Robert Ryan as soldier lurking outside the door, in Edward Dmytryk’s celebrated Crossfire, 1947.