Nigel Patrick

Nigel Patrick


Also Known As
Nigel Dennis Wemyss
Birth Place
London, England, GB
May 02, 1913
September 21, 1981
Cause of Death


Droll, reserved character actor from the English stage; in films since 1939, occasionally as a director. Married to actress Beatrice Campbell....

Family & Companions

Beatrice Campbell


Droll, reserved character actor from the English stage; in films since 1939, occasionally as a director. Married to actress Beatrice Campbell.

Life Events


Stage debut


Film acting debut, "Mrs. Pym of Scotland Yard"


Feature directorial debut, "How to Marry A Rich Uncle"


Last film appearance, "The Mackintosh Man"

Photo Collections

Pandora and the Flying Dutchman - Movie Posters
Here are a few original release American movie posters for MGM's Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951), starring Ava Gardner and James Mason.


Movie Clip

League Of Gentlemen, The (1960) - The Liquor IS Genuine Assembling in London's famous Cafe Royal after getting mysterious invitations promising profits, Bryan Forbes (who wrote the screenplay), Terence Alexander, Richard Attenborough, Roger Livesey, Kieron Moore and Norman Bird begin appraising each other, before Jack Hawkins begins to explain, Nigel Patrick arriving late, in the celebrated heist yarn The League Of Gentlemen, 1960.
League Of Gentlemen, The (1960) - You're All Crooks Upon assembly of the band, mastermind Hyde (Jack Hawkins) reveals the military and criminal backgrounds of Roger Livesey, Richard Attenborough, Bryan Forbes (also the screenwriter), Nigel Patrick, Kieron Moore and Terence Alexander, in The League Of Gentlemen, 1960, directed by Basil Dearden.
Raintree County (1957) - Do I Shock You? Professor Stiles (Nigel Patrick) on a pre-graduation picnic, tells John (Montgomery Clift), Nell (Eva Marie Saint) and the class of their Indiana town's mythic roots, early in Raintree County, 1957, from the celebrated novel by Ross Lockridge Jr.
Raintree County (1957) - Picture-Taking Orgy In the opening scene, Professor Stiles (Nigel Patrick), Nell (Eva Marie Saint), Garwood (Rod Taylor) and John (Montgomery Clift) are introduced, in Edward Dmytryk's Civil War saga Raintree County, 1957.
Raintree County (1957) - Better Put On My Pants The 4th of July footrace, with the professor (Nigel Patrick) backing John (Montgomery Clift) who is drunk for the first time, against "Flash" Perkins (Lee Marvin), Nell (Eva Marie Saint) and Susanna (Elizabeth Taylor) spectating, in Raintree County, 1957.
Raintree County (1957) - Opening Credits After the Overture, with Nat "King" Cole singing the theme, the opening credits for director Edward Dmytryk's sprawling Civil War epic Raintree County, 1957, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift and Eva Marie Saint.
Pandora And The Flying Dutchman (1952) - As Much Her Slave... First appearance of Ava Gardner (first title character), Harold Warrender (as "Geoffrey" narrating), introducing Reggie (Marius Goring) and Stephen (Nigel Patrick) in a Spanish seaside town, director Albert Lewin's Pandora And The Flying Dutchman, 1952.
Encore (1951) - Find Something Suitable The first meeting of the two brothers in "The Ant And The Grasshopper," the first of three Somerset Maugham stories comprising the feature Encore, 1951, Nigel Patrick as free spirit Tom and Roland Culver his stiffer brother George, screenplay adapted by T.E.B. Clarke.
Trio (1950) - Mr. Know-All After the author's introduction, the second of three stories by W. Somerset Maugham, called "Mr. Know-All," with Nigel Patrick the title character, British shipmates Wilfrid Hyde-White, Naunton Wayne and Anne Crawford his victims, in producer Sydney Box's Trio, 1950.
Sound Barrier, The - Jet Propulsion Aviation big-shot Ridgefield (Ralph Richardson) shows his new son-in-law, flier Tony (Nigel Patrick) a new thing called a jet engine, Ann Todd and Denholm Elliott standing by, in David Lean's The Sound Barrier 1952.
Sound Barrier, The - Our Little Secret tbdFlier Tony (Nigel Patrick), with wife Susan (Ann Todd), meets his aviation-magnate father-in-law Ridgefield (Ralph Richardson), his own son Chris (Denholm Elliott), attending, in David Lean's The Sound Barrier, 1952.
Sound Barrier, The - Opening, Dover The famous white cliffs are seen and the flier is John Justin (as "Philip Peel") in the knockout opening from The Sound Barrier, 1952, David Lean's fictionalized tale of aviation history.



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