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Blue Bird, The (1940) - It's Against The Law! Opening in black & white from a Maurice Maeterlinck fantasy (thus seen as similar to the previous year’s The Wizard Of Oz), Shirley Temple and little bro Johnny Russell are woodcutters’ kids seeking a precious bird, Sybil Jason their bothersome friend, in 20th Century-Fox’s The Blue Bird, 1940.
Blue Bird, The (1940) - I Always Knew You Were A Fool! Just now transformed from the family cat and dog, Gale Sondergaard and Eddie Collins don’t agree on whether to aid the children (Shirley Temple as Mytyl, Johnny Russell as Tyltyl), guided by the spirit “Light” (Helen Ericson), in their search, in The Blue Bird, 1940, from a Maurice Maeterlinck story.
Blue Bird, The (1940) - Lay-Dee-O Now in a dream in Technicolor having found their deceased grandparents (Cecilia Loftus, Al Shean) in their search for a certain bird of happiness, Shirley Temple as Mytyl (Johnny Russell as littler Tyltyl) offers her only song in the picture, a traditional, in 20th Century-Fox’s The Blue Bird, 1940.
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) - May Allah Bless And Protect Thee Through trickery Sgt. MacDuff (Victor McLaglen) has obtained a uniform for protegè Priscilla (Shirley Temple), commencing drills when she sees the chance to return a necklace she found to the now-imprisoned local chieftain Khan (Cesar Romero), in John Ford’s Wee Willie Winkie, 1937.
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) - Where Are All The Indians? Director John Ford’s opening, Shirley Temple as Priscilla and June Lang her widowed mother, in India to join her father-in-law at his post, received by Victor McLaglen, as MacDuff (in a story based loosely on Kipling, in the British army, two years before Gunga Din), in Wee Willie Winkie, 1937.
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) - Didn't You Ever Ride A Buffalo? Priscilla (Shirley Temple) and her widowed mom (June Lang) wait to meet her father-in-law the colonel (C. Aubrey Smith), who also has business with Lt. Brandes (Michael Whalen) and their escort Sgt. MacDuff (Victor McLaglen), at his British army outpost in India, early in Wee Willie Winkie, 1937.
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) - An Old Scotch Rhyme Just an impressive single take and complete scene by director John Ford, Victor McLaglen as Sergeant MacDuff, and Shirley Temple as young Priscilla, newly arrived at a British base in northern India where her grandfather is in command, in Wee Willie Winkie, 1937.
Night In Paradise, A (1946) - Slave Called Aesop Opening narration only loosely historical, introducing Turhan Bey as the hero Aesop, then exposition from scribes (Jerome Cowan, Ernest Truex), plush settings from producer Walter Wanger, in A Night In Paradise, 1946.
Night In Paradise, A (1946) - Made For Each Other Even wider shot of the lavish sets in the kingdom of Lydia, Thomas Gomez as the king Croesus (a historical figure), Merle Oberon as his arriving bride from Persia, Turhan Bey as itinerant storyteller Aesop, early in A Night In Paradise, 1946.tbd
Canyon Passage - What Are Your Gods? From rainy opening credits, gold trader Logan (Dana Andrews) meets business contacts (Peter Whitney, Chester Clute, Harry Shannon) but especially Lucy (Susan Hayward), in Jacques Tourneur's Technicolor Western Canyon Passage, 1946.
Canyon Passage - Rogue River Valley Introduction in this scene of Hoagy Carmichael as "Hi Linnett" singing an original, as Logan (Dana Andrews) and Lucy (Susan Hayward) ride into town and meet her beau George (Brian Donlevy) in the Oregon Western Canyon Passage, 1946.