Mortimer Offner


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Alice Adams (1935) - Most People Bore Me Katharine Hepburn (title character) is about to sign up for business school when dreamy-but-engaged bachelor Arthur (Fred MacMurray) appears, so she confabulates, in George Stevens' Alice Adams, 1935.
Alice Adams (1935) - My Dear Young Men Katharine Hepburn (title character) primping her not-new dress, visiting convalescing father (Fred Stone), sent off to the dance by mother (Ann Shoemaker), escorted by her reluctant brother (Frank Albertson), early in George Stevens' Alice Adams, 1935.
Alice Adams (1935) - All Booked Up Doing badly at the dance, impecunious Alice (Katharine Hepburn) seeks her disappeared escort brother (Frank Albertson), stalls for time, then is rescued by gracious and new-in-town Arthur (Fred MacMurray), in Alice Adams, 1935, from the Booth Tarkington novel.
Alice Adams (1935) - Summer Evenings Arthur (Fred MacMurray) tries to dispell Alice's (Katharine Hepburn) doubts about their future in her small town, over a romantic dinner in director George Stevens' Alice Adams, 1935.
Alice Adams (1935) - Town With A Future Ever-charming character exposition by director George Stevens, Katharine Hepburn (title character) in the opening scene, in Alice Adams, 1935, from Booth Tarkington's Pulitzer Prize winning novel.
Saint In New York, The - Cherish This Moment Simon Templar (Louis Hayward, the title character) enters the gambling den and intimidates Papinoff (Ben Welden) and henchmen (Jack Carson, Paul Guilfoyle) in the first in the series, The Saint In New York, 1938.
Sylvia Scarlett - A Jolly Girl! Sylvia (Katharine Hepburn) visits handsome artist Michael Fane (Brian Aherne), revealing that she isn't Sylvester, and isn't quite adjusted to girlhood in Sylvia Scarlett, 1936.
Sylvia Scarlett - Ain't No Tent! Sylvia (Katharine Hepburn) posing as Sylvester, rejects the advances of her father's new bride Lily (Natalie Paley) then frets about bunking with Jimmy (Cary Grant) in Sylvia Scarlett, 1936.
Saint In New York, The - We All Die Sometime There's a nun on the scene as a thug (Lester Dorr) gets offed, Inspector Fernack (Jonathan Hale) baffled, then Templar (Louis Hayward) consults with employer Valcross (Frederick Burton), in The Saint In New York, 1938.
Quality Street (1937) - A Dashing Mr. Brown Quasi-spinster Phoebe (Katharine Hepburn) shocks sister Susan (Fay Bainter) and servant Patty (Cora Witherspoon) with her enhanced attire, and her date Captain Brown (Franchot Tone) fails to recognize her, beginning the masquerade in George Stevens' Quality Street, 1937.
Quality Street (1937) - Is It A Jest? Expecting a proposal, Phoebe (Katharine Hepburn) is shocked to learn that Brown (Franchot Tone) is off to join the Napoleonic wars, her sister Susan (Fay Bainter) commiserating, in George Stevens' Quality Street, 1937.