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White Lightning (1973) -- (Movie Clip) All Them Damn Hippies Scenes introducing leading man Burt Reynolds as convicted Arkansas bootlegger Gator McClusky, Lincoln Demyan the warden, Barbara Muller his distraught cousin, discussing the murder from the opening scene, in White Lightning, 1973, also starring Ned Beatty and Bo Hopkins.
White Lightning (1973) -- (Movie Clip) I Don't Rightly Know Provisionally paroled on a promise to help prosecute a crooked sheriff, bootlegger Gator (Burt Reynolds) visits his parents (Dabbs Greer, Iris Korn), bereaved over the murder of their younger son, at their Arkansas farm, in White Lightning, 1973, directed by Joseph Sargent.
White Lightning (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Donny With the credits, Ned Beatty, whom we'll learn is a crooked Arkansas sheriff, murders two college students, one of whom plays the brother of leading man Burt Reynolds, (as bootlegger Gator McClusky), in his breakout action hit White Lightning, 1973, directed by Joseph Sargent.
White Lightning (1973) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Talking About My Brother! Nice scene for the always under-appreciated Matt Clark as mechanic/bootlegger Dude, as Gator (Burt Reynolds), working with the feds, presses him for info about the crooked sheriff who killed his brother, Dianne Ladd as Dude’s wife, the girl on the tire swing her real daughter, Laura Dern, in White Lightning, 1973.
White Lightning (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Women And The Po-lice Working undercover for the feds, Gator (Burt Reynolds) finishes buddying up to bootlegger Roy (Bo Hopkins) then insists that Dude (Matt Clark) introduce him to Sheriff Connors (Ned Beatty), the object of his vengeance, in White Lightning, 1973, location shooting in downtown Benton, Arkansas.
Brannigan (1975) -- (Movie Clip) Smaller Than The Statue Of Liberty Chicago cop John Wayne (title character) arrives at Heathrow for an extradition, a hit-man (Daniel Pilon) maybe on the same plane, greeted by Scotland Yard's Ms. Thatcher (Judy Geeson), plus a brief bit with villain Larkin (John Vernon) and lawyer (Mel Ferrer), in Brannigan, 1975.
Brannigan (1975) -- (Movie Clip) Knock Knock Modern enough opening, interrupting the credits, Ralph Meeker as the Chicago captain supervising cop John Wayne, title character, about to turn 70, who casually thumps a counterfeiter (Arthur Batanides), in the fairly profitable, mostly London-based police drama Brannigan, 1975.
Brannigan (1975) -- (Movie Clip) Spot Of Lunch? John Wayne, Chicago cop and title character visits the genuine Garrick Club in London’s West End, where we discover his contact Sir Charles is Richard Attenborough (who was then CBE, so not yet “Sir” himself), mostly agreeing about his extradition mission, in Brannigan, 1975.
Big Bad Mama -- (Movie Clip) Mama's Lunches In which Wilma (Angie Dickinson), Billy Jean (Susan Sennett), and Polly (Robbie Lee), (wearing jeans in "1930-something"), with Fred (Tom Skerritt), pull a job, from the Roger Corman-produced Big Bad Mama, 1974.
Big Bad Mama -- (Movie Clip) I Love California! Wilma (Angie Dickinson), Baxter (William Shatner), the girls (Susan Sennett, Robbie Lee) and Fred (Tom Skerritt) arrive in California, meet an orange grower and plan another job, in Big Bad Mama, 1974.
Big Bad Mama -- (Movie Clip) Good Clean Fun Billy Jean (Susan Sennettt) and Polly (Robbie Lee) are undertaking a new trade for a redneck patriot crowd when Wilma (Angie Dickinson) intervenes, in the Roger Corman depression-crime quickie Big Bad Mama, 1974.
Big Bad Mama -- (Movie Clip) Open, Paradise Texas Straight out of the gate, arguing principals Wilma (Angie Dickinson), Polly (Robbie Lee) and Billy Jean (Susan Sennett) into opening credits for director Steve Carver's Big Bad Mama, 1974.