Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson


Also Known As
Dixie Kay Nelson
Birth Place
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
August 15, 1933

Family & Companions

Johnny Mann
Choir leader.


Life Events

Photo Collections

Outlaw's Son - Movie Poster
Outlaw's Son - Movie Poster
Tumbleweed - Movie Poster
Here is a movie poster from Tumbleweed (1953), starring Audie Murphy and Lori Nelson.


Movie Clip

Untamed Youth (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Cotton Picker Kids sentenced to the work farm, including sisters Janey (Lori Nelson) and Penny (Mamie Van Doren) picking cotton, when "Bong," (Eddie Cochran, still only 19, with a song by Les Baxter that never appeared on a Cochran record until 1972, 12 years after his car-crash death) breaks out in song, in Untamed Youth, 1957.
Untamed Youth (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Healthy Outdoor Work In this instance the title refers to naked blonde teenagers, Penny (Mamie Van Doren) and Janey (Lori Nelson), captured by Mitch (Robert Foulk) and brought before the judge (Lurene Tuttle), opening Untamed Youth, 1957.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) What A Dramatic Entrance Douglas Sirk directs Barbara Stanwyck as Vaudevillian Naomi, returning mostly unexpected to the family she left ten years earlier, who believe she’s a legit actress, Lori Nelson the daughter who sent for her, Marcia Henderson the elder, Billy Gray the son, Richard Carlson the surprised husband, in All I Desire,1953.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) You're Not Anna Held Yet Just after Barbara Stanwyck’s opening narration, director Douglas Sirk introduces parts of the Wisconsin family she abandoned, for the stage, ten years earlier, Marcia Henderson as daughter Joyce, Richard Long her escort, Lori Nelson as younger Lily, Lotte Stein the loyal maid, in Douglas Sirk’s All I Desire, 1953.
All I Desire (1953) -- (Movie Clip) How Do I Love Thee? Barbara Stanwyck as low-rent actress Naomi, maintaining the fiction she’s a big star for the family she’s just rejoined ten years after she ran away, is persuaded by daughter Lily (Lori Nelson), on the night of her own stage debut, to read Elizabeth Barrett Browning, nice moment for director Douglas Sirk, in All I Desire, 1953.
Bend Of The River (1952) -- (Movie Clip) Right Handsome Fella Director Anthony Mann busy with exposition, as McClintock (James Stewart) and others (Stepin Fetchit, Lillian Randolph, Jay C. Flippen, Chubby Johnson, Howard Petrie) check on injured Laura (Julia Adams), then Arthur Kennedy and Frank Ferguson observe as her sister (Lori Nelson) meets gambler Wilson (Rock Hudson), in 1847 Portland, in Bend Of The River, 1952.
Bend Of The River (1952) -- (Movie Clip) I Just Don't Like Hangings In the opening scene of director Anthony Mann's Oregon Trail Western, guide McClintock (James Stewart) is all friendly with the Bailes (Lori Nelson, Jay C. Flippen, Julia Adams) then ventures out for a typically intriguing meeting with Cole (Arthur Kennedy), in Bend Of The River, 1952.
Untamed Youth (1957) -- (Movie Clip) Like A Rolling Stone First night in the work farm dorm with a notably lurid act (Not the Bob Dylan song), Penny (Mamie Van Doren), backed by sister Janey (Lori Nelson), boys next door led by Eddie Cochran, Jeanne Carmen as a new bunk-mate, and John Russell as the big boss, early in Untamed Youth, 1957.


Johnny Mann
Choir leader.