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Dear Heart (1964) - The Tomato From Altoona Glenn Ford is salesman Harry, just arrived in New York for his last meeting before he settles into his new executive job, met at the hotel by Peterson (Peter Turgeon), and unexpectedly by Patrick (Michael Anderson Jr.), son of his fianceè, early in Dear Heart, 1964, starring Geraldine Page.
Dear Heart (1964) - Open, Sign It Bimbo Jones Joining director Delbert Mann’s neatly integrated credit sequence, Geraldine Fitzgerald as Evie from Ohio arrives at Grand Central for the postmaster’s convention, having made friends with everyone on the train, not quite meeting co-star Glenn Ford, in Dear Heart, 1964.
Dear Heart (1964) - Phyllis Is Done With Doing Having finally appeared more than 90 minutes into the picture, Angela Lansbury as Phyllis from Altoona is in New York, surprising her salesman fiancè Harry (Glenn Ford), who’s perplexed about her son, and her attitude toward another woman (Geraldine Page), in Dear Heart, 1964.
Dear Heart (1964) - Sometimes I Say Things Too Loud First proper scene between Geraldine Page as single Ohio postmaster Evie and Glenn Ford as engaged salesman Harry, both with some time to kill at their New York hotel, in Delbert Mann’s Dear Heart, 1964.
Up The Down Staircase (1967) - How Do We Get In? Guerrilla feel from the Mulligan-Pakula (Robert and Alan J., famous for To Kill A Mockingbird, 1962) team opening their inner-city high school drama based on the best-selling semi-autobiographical novel by Bel Kaufman, with Sandy Dennis in her first movie leading role, Up The Down Staircase, 1967.
Up The Down Staircase (1967) - Watch For Latent Maladjustments Scrambling on the first day of class, new teacher Sylvia Barrett (Sandy Dennis) encounters Broadway regulars, Jean Stapleton in the office, Florence Stanley the counselor and Sorrell Booke the principal, director Alan J. Pakula working on location at Haaren High School in Manhattan, early in Up The Down Staircase, 1967.
Up The Down Staircase (1967) - The Limitless Realm At lunch on the first day at her New York public high school, new teacher Sylvia (Sandy Dennis) with colleagues Ruth White, Eileen Heckart, Patrick Bedford as Barringer, early in Up The Down Staircase, 1967, from director and producer Robert Mulligan and Alan J. Pakula.
Up The Down Staircase (1967) - There's One Every Year After a classroom standoff with delinquent-but-gifted student Joe Ferrone (Jeff Howard), novice Manhattan high school English teacher Sylvia (Sandy Dennis) meets him again in the stairwell, in Up The Down Staircase, 1967, based on the novel by Berlin-born former New York teacher Bel Kaufman.
Up The Down Staircase (1967) - To Take Us Lands Away Nervous on her first day teaching Manhattan public high school English, Sylvia (Sandy Dennis) works with Harry (Salvatore Rasa), Jose Rodriguez (his real name) and Alice (Ellen O’Mara), taking a run at an Emily Dickinson poem, early in Up The Down Staircase, 1967, from producer Alan J. Pakula and director Robert Mulligan.