Pete Morrison




Cast (Feature Film)

Five Bad Men (1935)
Bad man
Rider of Death Valley (1932)
Riders of Golden Gulch (1932)
The Last Frontier (1932)
Not Exactly Gentlemen (1931)
Spurs (1930)
Trails of Peril (1930)
Tom Weld
Westward Bound (1930)
Phantom of the Desert (1930)
Ridin' Law (1930)
Beyond the Rio Grande (1930)
Al Mooney
Trailin' Trouble (1930)
Buck Saunders
Chinatown Nights (1929)
The bartender
Courtin' Wildcats (1929)
The Three Outcasts (1929)
Bruce Slavin
The Escape (1926)
Johnny Bowers
The Desperate Game (1926)
Jim Wesley
Chasing Trouble (1926)
Bucking the Truth (1926)
Slim Duane
Blue Blazes (1926)
Dee Halloran
A Ropin' Ridin' Fool (1925)
Jim Warren
Santa Fe Pete (1925)
West of Arizona (1925)
Stampede Thunder (1925)
Triple Action (1925)
Dave Mannion
The Ghost Rider (1925)
Jim Powers
Range Buzzards (1925)
Dave Weston
Always Ridin' To Win (1925)
Cowboy Grit (1925)
The Empty Saddle (1925)
Bob Kingston
The Mystery of Lost Ranch (1925)
One Shot Ranger (1925)
Pot Luck Pards (1924)
"Chick" Andrews
Black Gold (1924)
Don Endicott
Buckin' the West (1924)
Cal Edwards
Rainbow Rangers (1924)
Buck Adams
False Trails (1924)
Stewart [Wolf] Larsen ['The Son of the Wolf"]
Pioneer's Gold (1924)
Jim Hartley
Western Blood (1923)
Making Good (1923)
Smilin' On (1923)
West vs. East (1922)
Harry Atterridge
Duty First (1922)
The Better Man Wins (1922)
Bill Harrison
Daring Danger (1922)
Cal Horton
Crossing Trails (1921)
Jim Warren
Headin' North (1921)
Bob Ryan
Dangerous Love (1920)
Ben Warman
Old Love for New (1918)
Jerry Marquis
A Good Loser (1918)
"Long William"
The Law's Outlaw (1918)
Carey Tait
Love's Pay Day (1918)
Jean Laroque
Cactus Crandall (1918)
Keith of the Border (1918)
Bill Scott
Fighting Back (1917)
Mournful Pete
Life's Blind Alley (1916)
The Bruiser (1916)
Charley, Fen's brother

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