Patricia Morison

Patricia Morison


Life Events


Made screen-acting debut as Mary Jane in the short "Wreckless"


Made feature debut as Dorothy Bronson in "Persons in Hiding"


Cast as Stella Madden in "Calling Dr. Death"


Played Empress Eugenie in "The Song of Bernadette"


Starred as Mrs. Hilda Courtney in "Dressed to Kill"


Appeared as Tanya Rawlins in the adventure flick "Tarzan and the Huntress"


Was at the height of her career as the lead in Cole Porter's Broadway musical "Kiss Me, Kate"


Had first recurring television role as Dr. Karen Gayle on crime adventure series "The Cases of Eddie Drake"


Portrayed Anna Leonowens in the Rodgers and Hammerstein production of "The King and I"


Appeared in final screen role as Amy in the biodrama "The Long Day Closes"


Movie Clip

Tarzan And The Huntress (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Never Kill For Fun Johnny Weissmuller (title character) happy with Jane (Brenda Joyce) and Boy (Johnny Sheffield), not aware yet of the hunting expedition led by Tanya (Patricia Morison, also from the title) and Marley (John Warburton), flying above, early in Tarzan And The Huntress, 1947.
Tarzan And The Huntress (1947) -- (Movie Clip) Killer Lion Jungle intrigue as the king (Charles Trowbridge) gets shot in a staged stampede, his son (Ted Hecht) distraught, guests (Barton MacLane, Carl Marley, Patricia Morison) alarmed, creepy Suli (Maurice Tauzin) faking concern and Johnny Weissmuller arriving, in Tarzan And The Huntress, 1947.
Song Without End (1960) -- (Movie Clip) God Didn't Make Him Simple Fanciful scene wherein Franz Liszt (Dirk Bogarde), with his annoyed mistress Countess Marie (Genevieve Page), at his hide-away near Chamonix receives friends George Sand (Patricia Morison), Chopin (Alex Davion) and manager Potin (Lou Jacobi) all at once, early in Song Without End, 1960.
Hitler's Madman (1943) -- (Movie Clip) Sworn To Destroy Nazism Native of Lidice, Bohemia Karel Vavra (Alan Curtis) has parachuted in, and tricked fellow citizens to into a meeting about resisting Nazi occupiers, with girlfriend Jamila (Patricia Morison), early in Hitler's Madman, 1943.
Fallen Sparrow, The -- (Movie Clip) Ingenious Methods Spanish Civil War vet Kit (John Garfield) is calm when re-united with ex-girlfriend Barby (Patricia Morison) at her party, but interested by her guest Dr. Skaas (Walter Slezak) in Night Must Fall, 1943.