Pat Moore




Cast (Feature Film)

The Crusades (1935)
Leicester's squire
The Case of the Missing Man (1935)
The Godless Girl (1929)
April Fool (1926)
The Primrose Path (1925)
Jimmy Armstrong
Broken Laws (1924)
Bobby Allen, age 8
The Lover of Camille (1924)
Charles Deburau, age 10
Stephen Steps Out (1923)
The Sultan's Son
Mine To Keep (1923)
Joy children
The Village Blacksmith (1923)
Johnnie as a child
An Old Sweetheart of Mine (1923)
John Craig as a boy
The Impossible Mrs. Bellew (1922)
Lance Bellew, Jr., age 6
The New Teacher (1922)
George Brissell
The Top of New York (1922)
Micky O'Shaunnessey
The Young Rajah (1922)
Amos Judd as a boy
The Queen of Sheba (1921)
Sheba's son, aged 4
The Turning Point (1920)
Jerry, Jr.
Their Mutual Child (1920)
Baby Wm. Bannister Winfield
Out of the Dust (1920)
Jimmie Evans
Fires of Faith (1919)
Jules, Pierre's grandson
Luck in Pawn (1919)
Tommy Lee
His Divorced Wife (1919)
The Little Boy
The Sleeping Lion (1919)
Little Tony
A Rogue's Romance (1919)
Sahara (1919)
The boy
The Squaw Man (1918)
Little Hal
The Seal of Silence (1918)
Women's Weapons (1918)
Nicholas, Jr.

Visual Effects (Feature Film)

The Railway Children (1978)
Special Effects
The Last Valley (1971)
Special Effects
The Last Grenade (1970)
Special Effects
The Italian Job (1969)
Special Effects
Hammerhead (1968)
Special Effects
The Long Day's Dying (1968)
Director sp Effects
Those Fantastic Flying Fools (1967)
Special Effects
Deadlier Than the Male (1967)
Special Effects
Where the Bullets Fly (1966)
Special Effects

Life Events