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Wanderers, The (1979) -- (Movie Clip) Just The Dirty Parts Molesting women for sport in The Bronx, 1963, Ken Wahl as Richie, semi-leader of the title-gang, takes a run in their crudely named game at Karen Allen, in her first scene, as Nina, supported by John Friedrich as Joey, with Tony Ganios as big Perry and Jim Youngs as Buddy, in director Philip Kaufman’s The Wanderers, 1979.
Wanderers, The (1979) -- (Movie Clip) All Men Are Created Equal Fluid work by director Philip Kaufman and cinematographer Michael Chapman, title-gang member Joey (John Friedrich) arrives at school in The Bronx with Perry (Tony Ganios), his new neighbor from New Jersey, meeting fellow members Richie (Ken Wahl) and Turkey (Alan Rosenberg) in the class led by Mr. Sharp (Val Avery), in The Wanderers, 1979.
Odessa File, The (1974) -- (Movie Clip) People Burning Like Torches Jon Voight as reporter Miller, with his girlfriend (Mary Tamm) in Hamburg, 1963, visiting his German mother (Maria Schell, only 12 years Voight's senior) as he considers investigating leads left by a now-deceased Holocaust survivor, Hans Wyprächtiger his landlord, in Ronald Neame's The Odessa File, 1974.
Odessa File, The (1974) -- (Movie Clip) An Old Man Gassed Himself Following a prologue of a plot to destroy Israel, and Hamburg, November 22, 1963 established in the credits, Jon Voight, narrating, appears as German reporter Miller, attention diverted by the Kennedy assassination, pursuing a maybe-routine event, in the espionage thriller The Odessa File, 1974, from the Frederick Forsyth novel.
Death In Venice (1971) -- (Movie Clip) The Artists Are Rather Like Hunters Convalescing composer von Aschenbach (Dirk Bogarde) grows more fascinated with the Polish boy (Bjorn Andresen) then reflects once more on conversation with his student Alfried (Mark Burns), Luchino Visconti directing, from the Thomas Mann novella, in Death In Venice, 1971.
Arthur (1981) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Alert The Media Wise-cracking drunken zillionaire Dudley Moore (title character), who brought hooker Gloria (Anne DeSalvo) to dinner at the Plaza in the opening scene, is awakened by servant Hobson (John Gielgud, in his Academy Award-winning role), in writer-director Steve Gordon’s Arthur, 1981.
Arthur (1981) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Die Anymore Childish Manhattan millionaire Dudley Moore (title character) calls to tell Queens waitress Linda (Liza Minnelli) he’s getting married, her father (Barney Martin) not taking it well, then conferring with driver Bitterman (Ted Ross) and ailing servant Hobson (John Gielgud), in Arthur, 1981.
La Roue (1923) -- (Movie Clip) Norma, London French rail engineer Sisf (Severin-Mars) has rescued young Norma (not credited) from a train wreck, depositing her with his own son, then learning more about her at the office, early in director Abel Gance's La Roue, (a.k.a. The Wheel), 1923.
La Roue (1923) -- (Movie Clip) In The Company Of His Son An elaborate vignette in the rail yard by director Abel Gance, developing the rollicking relationship between now mature Elie (Gabriel DeGravonne) and adopted Norma (Ivy Close), whom he believes to be his natural sister, in La Roue, 1923.
La Roue (1923) -- (Movie Clip) Rose Of The Rail The arresting opening, from the Cinematheque Francaise restoration, of director Abel Gance's La Roue (a.k.a The Wheel), 1923, introducing leads Severin Mars, Ivy Close and Gabriel de Gravonne.