Arthur Millett




Cast (Feature Film)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
Count Graville
The Great O'Malley (1937)
The Fugitive Sheriff (1936)
The Lion's Den (1936)
[Knute] Merwin
Winds of the Wasteland (1936)
The Crime of Dr. Forbes (1936)
Man in barroom
The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936)
Diamond Jim (1935)
Carnival (1935)
Los Angeles policeman
Vagabond Lady (1935)
Dock official
The Girl Friend (1935)
Mississippi (1935)
First leadsman
Stolen Harmony (1935)
Deputy sheriff
The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933)
Mr. Pettis
Honor of the Mounted (1932)
Western Limited (1932)
No Living Witness (1932)
Harry Newton
The Widow in Scarlet (1932)
The County Fair (1932)
Hank Bradley
The Body Punch (1929)
Range Courage (1927)
John Martin
Wolf's Clothing (1927)
Hotel detective
Shootin' Irons (1927)
Glenister of the Mounted (1926)
Sgt. Major Willis
The Two-Gun Man (1926)
Sheriff Dalton
The Crimson Runner (1925)
Captain of police
A Girl of the Limberlost (1924)
Philip Amon, Sr.
American Manners (1924)
Conway, Secret Service
The White Sin (1924)
The doctor
Yankee Madness (1924)
Robert Morton
A Man of Action (1923)
Dr. Sumner
Tracked to Earth (1922)
"Big Bill" Angus
The Forest King (1922)
Eugene Stratton
Gay and Devilish (1922)
First detective
Cold Steel (1921)
Mr. Sorenson
The Match-Breaker (1921)
Richard Van Loytor
A Broken Doll (1921)
Sheriff Hugh Bundy
The Scuttlers (1920)
Lind Quist
Hearts Up (1920)
Jim Drew
Drag Harlan (1920)
John Haydon
West Is West (1920)
J. C. Armstrong
King Spruce (1920)
Colin McLeod
Bubbles (1920)
James Dorrence
Love Madness (1920)
William B. Ashford
The Egg Crate Wallop (1919)
"Battling" Miller
Todd of the Times (1919)
Lee Martin
Shifting Sands (1918)
Major Willis
The Hand at the Window (1918)
A Good Loser (1918)
Doctor Jim
Station Content (1918)
Stephen Morton
The Sea Panther (1918)
Capt. Saunders
Madame Sphinx (1918)
Paying His Debt (1918)
Sheriff of Rubio
Her American Husband (1918)
Alias Mary Brown (1918)
The Ship of Doom (1917)
Jeff Whittlesey
Framing Framers (1917)
John Cameron
Humanizing Mr. Winsby (1916)
The Land Just over Yonder (1916)
Toyiable Tom Jennings

Life Events