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Lady In Question, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) I'm One Of The Family Acquitted murder suspect Natalie (Rita Hayworth) has belatedly accepted an offer of help from Parisian bike shop owner Morestan (Brian Aherne), who was on her jury, leading to her first day at work, where his wife (Irene Rich) and bedazzled son (Glenn Ford) don’t know the back-story, in The Lady In Question, 1940.
Lady In Question, The (1940) -- (Movie Clip) This Is An Unusual Case Bouncy opening from director Charles Vidor, in the Columbia remake of the French director Marc Allegret’s comedy Griboulle (1937), introducing Glenn Ford as handsome amateur Paris astronomer Pierre, Evelyn Keyes his sister, Irene Rich his mother, George Davis a customer and top-billed Brian Aherne his father, in The Lady In Question, 1940, also starring Rita Hayworth.
Texas (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Rebel Riffraff Opening introduces young leading-men to be, cowhands Dan (William Holden) and Tod (Glenn Ford) in a Kansas court, sentenced by Raymond Hatton, sprung by George Bancroft, from George Marshall's actioner Texas, 1941.
Texas (1941) -- (Movie Clip) Texas Ain't That Big Dan (William Holden) is off roping dinner when buddy Tod (Glenn Ford) gets grabbed by lawmen, not buying his true story of having robbed the bandits, so they wind up parting on their first night in the new territory, in Texas, 1941.
Man With The Golden Arm, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Here's To It, Molly-O Frankie Machine (Frank Sinatra, title character), reluctantly back dealing poker for a living, visits Molly (Kim Novak, her first scene), B-girl at a Chicago strip joint, after his stint in heroin re-hab, discussing her new boyfriend and his disabled wife, in Otto Preminger's The Man with the Golden Arm, 1956, from the Nelson Algren novel.
Brothers Rico, The -- (Movie Clip) Johnny Would Never Talk Ex-mob accountant Eddie Rico (Richard Conte) has no idea his brother Gino (Paul Picerni) is being beaten by henchmen for boss Sid Kubik (Larry Gates) while they discuss his other brother, in Phil Karlson's The Brothers Rico, 1957.
Brothers Rico, The -- (Movie Clip) Another Rico Mob accountant Eddie (Richard Conte) finds his brother Johnny (James Darren) and new wife Norah (Kathryn Grant), in director Phil Karlson's The Brothers Rico, 1957, from a novel by Georges Simenon.
Brothers Rico, The -- (Movie Clip) Open, Eddie Rico After the credits, ex-mob accountant Eddie Rico (Richard Conte) arises from what looks like idyllic domestic sleep for an un-welcome phone call, in Phil Karlson's The Brothers Rico, 1957.
Man With The Golden Arm, The (1956) -- (Movie Clip) Part Of The Cure Frankie Machine (Frank Sinatra) is just out of prison and re-hab to his neighborhood in Chicago's Polish south side, and his wife "Zosh," (Eleanor Parker) hasn't yet been mentioned, so this is pure exposition, early in Otto Preminger's The Man With The Golden Arm, 1956.
Beat Generation, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Radiation Gumdrops Classy opening to a low-rent Albert Zugsmith production, Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars (notably Mort Herbert on bass, Peanuts Hucko clarinet) with the title tune, then Ray Danton with banter, Ann Anderson his puzzled date, in The Beat Generation, 1959, featuring Mamie Van Doren.
Beat Generation, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Bass Fiddle Without Strings No one using the word rape, though it was all-but shown on screen, investigating cop Culloran (Steve Cochran) revealing an ugly cynicism, Jackie Coogan (a.k.a. "Uncle Fester") his partner, Margaret Hayes the victim, in The Beat Generation, 1959.
Beat Generation, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) I Like To Make The Scene Four reels into the movie, second-billed Mamie Van Doren at last appears as divorcee Georgia, visited by Jim Mitchum (Robert's brother), who's been blackmailed by a psychopath into committing a murder, Mamie's husband, the band-leader Ray Anthony, playing her ex, in The Beat Generation, 1959.


Isidor Meltzer
Comedian. Performed in Yiddish theater; deceased.
Sid Melton
Actor. Deceased.
Estelle Lawrence
Producer, director. Died on October 12, 1998 at age 62.