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Lone Ranger, The (1956) - You Can't Make A Boy Of Her Back-story in the first movie version, the governor (Charles Meredith) gets an earful about Indians in the territory, his rancher host Kilgore (Lyle Bettger) clashes with his wife (Bonita Granville) about their daughter (Beverly Washburn), in producer Jack Wrather's The Lone Ranger, 1956.
Lone Ranger, The (1956) - It Was A Hard Land Apparently Gerald Mohr (though not credited) on the narration, opening producer Jack Wrather's debut after buying out the radio and TV franchise, introducing Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, with Technicolor action from Kanab, Utah, in the first big screen production of The Lone Ranger, 1956.
Lone Ranger, The (1956) - The Lone Ranger's Horse! The well-meaning governor (Charles Meredith) has been secreted to a church where he's surprised to meet an old prospector, who turns out to be the title character (Clayton Moore) in cagey thespian mode, loyal Tonto (Jay Silverheels) at the ready, in the first movie version of The Lone Ranger, 1956.
Lone Ranger, The (1956) - White Man Talk With Two Tongues Investigating ranchers' claims of Indian raids on livestock, Clayton Moore (title character) and Jay Silverheels (as "Tonto") visit the accused chief Red Hawk (Frank de Kova) and his second (Michael Ansara), in the first movie based on the hit TV series, The Lone Ranger, 1956.
Master Of Ballantrae, The (1953) - -- They May Join Us Now in the custody of French pirates who took the ship on which they were captives, Jamie (Errol Flynn) then pal Burke (Roger Livesey) confer with foppish captain Arnaud (Jacques Berthier), photography by Jack Cardiff, in The Master Of Ballantrae, 1953.
Master Of Ballantrae, The (1953) - -- White Cockade Joining the opening narration, introducing Errol Flynn as "Jamie," girlfriend Jessie (Yvonne Furneaux), brother (Anthony Steel), fiancee` (Beatrice Campbell), father (Felix Aylmer), and others, kick starting this version of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Master Of Ballantrae, 1953.
Count Three And Pray - Gamblin' On Sunday! Civil War veteran and aspiring preacher Fargo (Van Heflin) with Georgina (Allison Hayes), an unhappy ex-girlfriend, then with tomboy Lissy (Joanne Woodward), temporary roommate in the church he's building, in Count Three And Pray, 1955.