Herschel Mayall




Cast (Feature Film)

Danger Ahead (1935)
War Is a Racket (1934)
The economist
Hotel Variety (1933)
Big Town (1932)
His Woman (1931)
Mr. Jeremiah Morrissey
Fast and Loose (1930)
Judge Summers
Great Power (1929)
John Power
After Marriage (1925)
James Morgan
Alimony (1924)
Wild Bill Hickok (1923)
The Isle of Lost Ships (1923)
Captain Clark
Money Money Money (1923)
Mr. Carter
Itching Palms (1923)
Jerry's father
Thirty Days (1923)
Giacomo Polenta
Oath-bound (1922)
Captain Steele
The Yellow Stain (1922)
Dr. Brown
Arabian Love (1922)
The sheik
Extra Extra (1922)
Edward Fletcher
Smiles Are Trumps (1922)
James Manning
Calvert's Valley (1922)
Judge Rymal
Thirty Days (1922)
The Blushing Bride (1921)
Lord Landsmere
Three Word Brand (1921)
The Queen of Sheba (1921)
Menton, Sheba's Minister of State
The Beautiful Gambler (1921)
Judge Rand
Straight From the Shoulder (1921)
Joseph Martin
To a Finish (1921)
Joe Blake
Kismet (1920)
Drag Harlan (1920)
Lane Morgan
The Coast of Opportunity (1920)
Julien Marr
The Scuttlers (1920)
Captain Machen
Daredevil Jack (1920)
The Divorce Trap (1919)
Daniel Drake
Bonds of Honor (1919)
Paul Berkowitz
The Silver Girl (1919)
Gilman Parton
The Money Corral (1919)
Carl Bruler
Todd of the Times (1919)
Harrison G. Monroe
The Sleeping Lion (1919)
Wings of the Morning (1919)
Colonel Costabel
Shackled (1918)
Henry Hartman
Carmen of the Klondike (1918)
"Silk" McDonald
Honor's Cross (1918)
Thomas Dolan
The Heart of Rachael (1918)
Clarence Breckenridge
Wedlock (1918)
George Osborne
Maid O' the Storm (1918)
Abe Strohman
Patriotism (1918)
Sidney Carson
Treasure Island (1918)
Capt. Bill Bones
Cleopatra (1917)
High Finance (1917)
Jonathan Platt
Some Boy! (1917)
William Johnson
A Tale of Two Cities (1917)
Jacques De Farge
The Island of Desire (1917)
Henry Sayres
The Rose of Blood (1917)
Du Barry (1917)
Jean Du Barry
The Babes in the Woods (1917)
John Hamilton
The Aryan (1916)
Trixie's lover
Sins of Her Parent (1916)
Jim McNeil
Civilization (1916)
The King of Wredpryd
The Beast (1916)
David Manning
The Sorrows of Love (1916)
Prince Candoni
The Road to Love (1916)
Sidi Malik
The Toast of Death (1915)
Yar Khan
The Man from Oregon (1915)
William Landers
The Forbidden Adventure (1915)
John Robbins
On the Night Stage (1915)
"Handsome" Jack Malone
The Voice at the Telephone (1914)
Spike Kennedy
Custer's Last Fight (1913)

Cast (Short)

Come to Dinner (1933)
The Cole Case (1931)

Life Events