Leslie H. Martinson

Leslie H. Martinson


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PT 109 (1963) - Ship At Two O'Clock! Apart from some gaudy Hollywood music, the incident pretty much as recorded, August 2, 1943, Lt.j.g. John F. Kennedy (Cliff Robertson) and Ensign Leonard Thom (Ty Hardin) in command, as their boat, with no radar, is crushed by a Japanese destroyer, in the Solomon Islands, in PT 109, 1963.
PT 109 (1963) - Let's Take A Practice Run Lt.j.g. John F. Kennedy (Cliff Robertson) congratulates his crew on passing inspection then, with Ensign Thom (Ty Hardin) takes the boat out for its first test, in PT 109, 1963, from the book by Robert J. Donovan.
PT 109 (1963) - You Got The Juice April, 1943, en route to the Solomon Islands, yeoman Rogers (Lew Gallo) introduces us to the star, Cliff Robertson as Lt.j.g. John F. Kennedy, in the dramatization of Kennedy's heroic Navy exploits, released in June, 1963, PT 109.
PT 109 (1963) - Chain Up That Monkey Lt. Cluster (Grant Williams) brings Lt.j.g. Kennedy (Cliff Robertson) to meet Cmdr. Ritchie (James Gregory), the cranky officer in charge of boats at the U.S. Navy base at Tulagi, Solomon Islands, April 1943, in the Hollywood treatment of JFK's Navy service, PT 109, 1963.
Mrs. Pollifax - Spy - Albania? Kidnapped from Mexico, rookie spy Rosalind Russell (title character) has awakened on a plane handcuffed to CIA man Farrell (Darren McGavin), in Mrs. Pollifax - Spy, 1971, from Dorothy Gilman's series of novels.
Mrs. Pollifax - Spy - She Lies Beautifully CIA man Mason (James Wellman) is skeptical, colleague Carstairs (Dana Elcar) enthusiastic, when Mrs. Pollifax (Rosalind Russell) volunteers, early in Mrs. Pollifax - Spy, 1971, from the popular novels by Dorothy Gilman.